Started charging on plug in....

Started charging on plug in....

Have charger scheduled to begin charging at 0600.

Returned home today and plugged Tesla in. Few minutes later had notification on phone that car had started charging.

Stopped charging on app, received notice charging scheduled for 0600.

That’s a first.

Anthony J. Parisio | March 11, 2019

That’s nothing! I ask the navigation to take me to the local bakery and it constantly takes me to the gym! Is the car trying to tell me something?

plusplusjames | March 11, 2019

After the last update, my Home and Work destinations have switched!!! | March 11, 2019

@garyjtate - Check that your home location is still set properly. Charging via time is GPS based. If either the home address is wrong or the GPS location is wrong, it would start charging right away, as if you're at a destination charger or J1772.

garyjtate | March 11, 2019


p.c.mcavoy | March 11, 2019

@garyjtate - What time did you get back home and plug in? Was it before noon/1200 hr? If so, then normal behavior per my experience. There’s a 6 hour window/tolerance on the start time such that if you unplug, drive a short distance, then get back and plug back in prior to the 6 hr window expiring it will start charging right away.

Boonedocks | March 11, 2019

Also IF you happened to “scroll wheel” reboot your MCU in the few minutes from getting home that will trigger it to start charging immediately as well.