States with no service centers !

States with no service centers !

I love in Texas where they do not allow Tesla to see there cars or even service the vehicles in this state! So here's the question what do we do ? Do Teslas vehicles require plenty of maintenance? I'm still getting the Model 3 just wondering ?

Jcastillo18 | September 29, 2016


makobill | September 29, 2016

I believe you are confused. Service and sales in multiple locations in Texas... Maintenance is minimal....

Rocky_H | September 29, 2016

Yeah, check the "Find Us" page on Tesla's website. There are several stores and service centers in Texas. | September 29, 2016

But don't move to Michigan.

makobill | September 29, 2016

Or Oklahoma...

Jcastillo18 | September 29, 2016

Ok thanks. Just found out San Antonio is getting one soon . Thanks I'm relieved

Jcastillo18 | September 29, 2016

Ok thanks. Just found out San Antonio is getting one soon . Thanks I'm relieved

akgolf | September 29, 2016

@makobill - Or Oklahoma...

Too late. Moved here in July from Alaska.

makobill | September 30, 2016

@jsimpsonalaska - Well Welcome! I'm hoping that 'coming soon' service center arrives before the Model 3 release, but will drive down to Dallas if I have to...

EVMan | September 30, 2016

To your question regarding maintenance see this link:

Also I was speaking with an owner of an S at the gallery in my state when I placed my reservation regarding this. He said he drives 25 to 30 thousand miles annually and had not had a service for about 10 months. He had no problems but brought it in for a once over.

Rocky_H | September 30, 2016

Something else to keep in mind is that although Tesla calls it an "annual" service, the service intervals are actually every two years, so arranging to go out of your city to do service every other year is not that bad.

Mjenkinsatgbi | October 1, 2016

Personally I would not buy a Tesla if I was more than a couple hundred miles to a service center. Tesla is building infrastructure, but there are some places hard to get service and who wants to deal with that.

Red Sage ca us | October 1, 2016

I do hope that the Tesla Model ☰ succeeds in being a vehicle that convinces people that 'service' for anything other than consumables like tires and windshield wipers should not be a commonly expected necessity for an electric car.

Mailrail707 | October 1, 2016

What Red Sage said

Badbot | October 3, 2016

the warrantee is in force even if you never do the service items

AlMc | October 3, 2016

@Red: Sometimes we don't agree but I am convinced that there will be no 'required' systematic service on the '3'. The '3' is being developed to be 'virtually maintenance free'. I believe that the car will communicate with the 'mothership' and if the car detects an issue requiring service the car will alert you. Otherwise I would not be surprised if it released as 'not requiring annual service'.

Probably the only way to get 100,000+ on the road without having to build many more service centers.

brando | October 3, 2016

Reminds me of the number of ways GM beats Tesla, let me count the ways. Is dansplans reading?

GM first

GM first to market modern all electric vehicle, the EV-1.
(They didn't actually sell any, they leased them. Keep reading to discover the why.)
What we didn't know, GM first to create the compliance car.
But to qualify for that recognition they had to crush them all. Couldn't do that unless GM owned them all.
Was that another GM first?

GM first to market a 200mile all electric vehicle <$40,000, the BOLT.
GM first to sell all electric vehicles in every State in the Union, the BOLT.
(beating Tesla again?)

Union=USofA land of the free [as in free to sell a Tesla anywhere except where gov't the best money can buy] home of the brave [as in brave enough to compete just like cable TV and electric cars]

Being first is only the beginning.

brando | October 3, 2016

PS- Who will be first for Service Centers in every state for their electric vehicles?
Could take years for this to play out. GM just needs to certify dealers, right? Should be an easy win for GM.

Michigan will never let Tesla in will they? Do they block Service Center too? Guess I haven't a clue.
I just checked and Tesla Service Centers are in the planning stages (hint grey pins) Michigan and Oklahoma and New Mexico. GM better watch it. You might have fun checking out Service Center locations too!,-66.94,25.82,-124.38999...

Red Sage ca us | October 4, 2016

brando: Yes. Michigan only allows a single loophole for direct sales. That allows Tesla to sell to either government agencies or to nonprofit organizations. They only allow them to have a Service Center if it is used strictly to work on their own cars, not those of Customers at all. And yes, that applies to both new and used cars.