Statistics that shows Autopilot much safer.

Statistics that shows Autopilot much safer.

Owners already know. Fire away trolls.$deep_link=true&correlation_id=289569bc-35eb-492d-b1ab-e38f8e46dac6&ref=email_digest&ref_campaign=email_digest&ref_source=email&utm_content=post_title&utm_medium=digest&utm_name=top_posts&utm_source=email&utm_term=day&$3p=e_as&$

wayne | November 4, 2019


WW_spb | November 4, 2019

But but but how about rear cross traffic alert and none existing blind assist bahahah

wayne | November 4, 2019

Don’t feed the troll.

lbowroom | November 4, 2019

oh why not, someone went through a lot of trouble to write all that for him, let him post it. It doesn't make any sense anyway.

400,000 not statistically significant, wow, who was your statistics professor? | November 4, 2019

More made-up "facts" from Fish. Doubt there are more than a handful of Corvair and Pintos still on the road - more likely they are in a museum or crushed in a junkyard.

#1 - Actually as a Tesla owner, 400,000 is very statistically important. Higher volumes than many other vehicle models in their competitive segments. More importantly, looking at comparative rates of accidents for the same identical cars - with and without Autopilot use is far more useful.

#2 - Actually a large percentage of owners have stretched their budget and came from much cheaper cars. People I see driving are all over the range in age and sex, although I have no way of knowing their financial state. Just because you're an old wealthy man, does make all owners the same.

#3 - Autopilot is used on all sorts of roads, perhaps many that it shouldn't be today.

We also know Tesla's AP system is considerably better than others as the others are mostly dumb lane-keeping systems that do little to avoid accidents and only have one or two cameras.

Many reports of problems with those systems too, including your beloved Subaru. Things like coming to a complete stop on a freeway with nothing in front is an unresolved complaint of EyeSight.

The Tesla rear wide-angle camera does a far better job of seeing cross-track info. AAA has rated most of these radar-based systems cross-track systems as poor with lots of failures (and accidents). Better to see what's going on than rely on an idiot light/buzzer and hope for the best.

jimglas | November 4, 2019

Fish is ALWAYS wrong
(I dont even have to read his posts)

WW_spb | November 4, 2019

Pretty much

jnordland | November 4, 2019

FISHEV you know there is no such thing as FSD right now so why are you trying to say it's not clear what is being used? It's AP which is by far the best driver assist system available from any manufacturer despite your claims otherwise.

lbowroom | November 4, 2019


Mike83 | November 4, 2019

LOL. The stinking fish must be sad that nobody reads his BS.

Damn EAP is so far ahead of the non-existent competition. Even the shorts seem to be covering now.
The grin continues.

casun | November 4, 2019

fishev flagged multiple times for general jackassery.

FISHEV | November 5, 2019

"More made-up "facts" from Fish."

Except they were the lead off statements in the OP's link.


#1: Tesla only had a fleet size of roughly 400,000 cars in Q3 2018. That is too small of a sample size for accurate data.

#2: Tesla builds luxury cars most likely driven by old, wealthy men. That demographic is less likely to get into crashes.

#3: Autopilot is only used on highways, crashes are less likely to occur there.


The post itself was a game of telephone with a link to another website's interpretation of another websites interpretation of another website's interpretation of some Tesla stats that only compared Tesla's safety improve to Tesla's own safety record. As the third player notes he makes a lot of "assumptions". They don't really work out.

For safest cars, explains it for you. Accura and Subaru are the leaders.

andy.connor.e | November 5, 2019

I've only seen someone with a vested interest like this a couple times in the past. Our old troll friend is back with a vengeance.

jimglas | November 5, 2019

Fish is ALWAYS wrong.
I don't even read his posts anymore.

WW_spb | November 5, 2019

I just flag them )

calvin940 | November 5, 2019

Please stop flagging FISH's posts. His nonsense should be on display so that everyone can see it. That evidence is important to counter his arguments. Feel free to pass by his posts (which I mostly do), but you need to leave his nonsense hang around for future reference.

dmastro | November 5, 2019

@calvin940: +1

All you flaggers do a disservice by censoring the forums from contrarian views. Refute him if you like, but allow the posts unless they are vulgar, harassing, etc.

Many of the posts on this forum are subjective and not backed up by fact. If you censor one user's posts, then censor everything without a documented, footnoted reference.

lbowroom | November 5, 2019

Why are lies more acceptable than bad language? Aren't they more harmful?

dmastro | November 5, 2019

I can educate myself on a subject, read multiple sources, and determine who and which "facts" I want to believe.

As most people on this forum state (over and over), they can identify lies. Moreover, the lies are refuted in a multitude of posts. So is everyone really concerned that FISH (or anyone else with dissenting opinions) is going to spread an unfettered unflattering message ... engage in discourse and debate. If FISH is lying, you will all out the lie many times over and no harm will be done.

Language and harassment is more harmful and damaging than discourse. Also prohibited per the forum rules.

SamO | November 5, 2019

Flag liars. Sorry.

lbowroom | November 5, 2019

DMastro - uh, no. And if I don’t say something many people will think,”oh, I guess so “

bddaughe | November 5, 2019

@jimglas, your saying fish is always wrong is almost as annoying as fish is.

andy.connor.e | November 5, 2019

Offending someone is worse than making people believe lies? Not sure if i agree with that.

jimglas | November 5, 2019

Fish is always right

bddaughe | November 5, 2019

That's the spirit! ;-)

dmastro | November 5, 2019

I guess I'm just not as threatened by all the different views and perspectives here. I give people enough credit that they can sift through the posts and determine what's credible or not.


PteRoy | November 5, 2019

Fish is right. I backed over and killed a baby dolphin because there is no rear cross traffic warning on the car.

hokiegir1 | November 5, 2019

I was unaware that I was an old, wealthy man.

I guess 0 for 3 is a solid hit rate for some posters....

WW_spb | November 5, 2019

Oh no! Animal cruelty. I am triggered

bddaughe | November 5, 2019

@hokie, being an old, wealthy man is better than being the baby dolphin @PteRoy backed over! ;-)

hokiegir1 | November 5, 2019

@bddaughe - I'm not saying I'd be opposed to it. It's got some benefits over being a middle-aged, middle-class female. ;)

FISHEV | November 5, 2019

" Moreover, the lies are refuted in a multitude of posts."@derotam

Which is why the fanbois delete other owner comments and posts because those posts and comments are correct about some Model 3 issue and the delete gang had to get rid of them in their "Leave Tesla Alone" mode or the facts contradict their ideology.

If they were misstatements of fact, the gang would leave them up.

lbowroom | November 5, 2019

No grand conspiracy to delete fact filled threads. The only posts that get flagged as inappropriate are yours.

TeslaTony310 | November 5, 2019

Just out of curiosity: I thought the forums were restricted to verified owners, how is Fish posting?? Is he an actual owner? Surely, there is a litmus test for owners, no??

ReD eXiLe ms us | November 5, 2019

FEESHICE is always wrong.

mexiken84: Someone at whatever marketing firm FEESHICE works for owns or leases a Tesla. They gave him their login data, so he has access to begin his assigned FUD filled posts while Astroturfing. The only positive posts he makes are about companies that primarily build ICE vehicles. You don't have to believe me, but it's true.

leo33 | November 5, 2019

@mexiken84 Some have suggested that there may be flaws in the verification process. It works well enough to keep Korean spammers at bay, but possibly not well enough to keep out motivated trolls.