Stats for Tesla

Stats for Tesla

I'm the developer of the "Stats for Tesla" app (

There is a thread on the Model S forum which was started by one of my users ( I just wanted to start a thread here for Model 3 to get feedback from our Model 3 members as well.

Some of the unique features of the app:
- battery Heath graph shows how battery capacity changes over time
- notification if you leave doors or trunks open
- your phantom drain compared to others as a histogram
- your efficiency vs. others
- climate scheduling
- charge reminder if the battery is below the designated level and car is at home and time is after a designated time
- notification if you turn on th climate remotely and forget to turn it off
- efficiency vs. temperature graph
- sending an address from your iOS device to the car. When you get in the car, the address appears in your calendar and navigation starts once you tap on the calendar item.
- a bar chart that shows percentage of users that are on each firmware version
- many more features...

I’m an owner and I’m actively working on this app. I’m very interested in your comments and suggestions for improvements

CST | July 20, 2018

Very nice set of information. Can you give us a rundown of the security in the app? I'm curious about assurances that my account is safe if I were to ever use it.

StatsApp | July 20, 2018

Thanks @CST. Here are responses to some frequenctly asked questions:

Your email/password is stored only only your device and sent only to Tesla over a an encrypted link (TLS). Subsequent communication is possible using a token that Tesla issues. All communication is performed over secure connections to Tesla (TLS). You can also see our privacy statement in the App Store.

I am an independent developer with several apps in the the App Store. I wrote the app back in 2017 for me when I bought my model S because the default Tesla app (while excellent) does not have the features listed above.

I have designed the app so that it has virtually no impact on iPhone’s battery or the car’s battery and tested it extensively to make sure of it. The app actually measures phantom drain. My phantom drain is about 0.16 miles per hour and I use the app relatively frequently for development and testing.

gballant4570 | July 20, 2018

Is this app available for android?

StatsApp | July 20, 2018

Sorry, I’m an iOS-only developer.

Sparky4life | July 20, 2018

Looks great! I haven't taken delivery of my model 3 yet, but I went ahead and got the app. It crashes immediately after startup, every time. Maybe because I don't have a car associated with my Tesla account yet? I have SolarCity panels on my house so I have a Tesla account and I can log in with the Tesla app, just no car yet. Thanks for creating this!

StatsApp | July 20, 2018

@toddklaus yes it's because you don't have the car yet. Let me know if you encounter any issues once you take delivery. There is a support button in the app.

emeralda2 | July 21, 2018

Thanks for promoting. Downloaded to give it a try!

StatsApp | July 21, 2018

@emeralda2 let me know what you think or if you have suggestions for new features. There are some exciting new features in iOS 12 which I’m planning to add once it’s released later this year.

tsetalvad | March 5, 2019

Also posted in the originall thread. Does the app have to be running in the background for the scheduling features to work?

AMDPower | March 5, 2019

Just purchased it yesterday and am looking forward to getting some data. Really nice job on the clean interface. Curious on the seat heaters... Why only 4 spots and not the full 5?

kcheng | March 5, 2019

Did the app crash recently, cause all my data disappeared.