Staying connected to wi-fi in the garage (to get v9.0 sooner)?

Staying connected to wi-fi in the garage (to get v9.0 sooner)?

My Model 3 connects to my home wi-fi in my garage OK, but it appears to disconnect when the car goes to sleep - my router no longer shows that it is connected. The email from Tesla about v9 says that it may appear sooner if you stay connected to wi-fi - so I am wondering if I should leave my door ajar in the garage? lol
Not too much drain if I turn Climate and Lights off... though it does seem to go to sleep anyway after a while.

FlyingPig | October 6, 2018

I had it connected to the wifi, so far nada. I'm not sure about the sleep, since I have not been monitoring the connections to my router, but I think you will wake up the car and possibly trigger a reconnection if you refresh your mobile app (obviously need the mobile access turned on for that). That's probably easier than leaving the door open and letting all the little animals and insects in:-D

roger.klurfeld | October 6, 2018

I wrote to Tesla about my sleeping car disconnecting from my WiFi. Here is what I was told:

"Thank you for contacting Tesla Support. Have you tried resetting the center display screen by holding down the scroll wheels until the Tesla T appears on the screen. That may help with the car waking up faster. As for the wifi, the car does turn off so it would loose wifi connection while being off."

So when the cat goes to sleep the wifi connection is turned off. That is a feature of the car.

Trekman | October 6, 2018

So how do you download an update that is Wifi-Only (v9) if the car won't maintain a wifi connection?

jpalermo | October 6, 2018

If you view the status of the car in the Tesla App it will wake the car up and it will reconnect to wifi.

Also, the car does not appear to sleep when charging, so you could scale the amps way back and have it just trickle charge to keep it awake.

No idea if any of this will actually help download v9 sooner or not though.

Trekman | October 6, 2018

Ok, I'll try both. I'll leave the App open and I'll plug the charging cable in to the slow 120-volt outlet. Thanks

johnmann | October 6, 2018

When asleep the car wakes up periodically, connects to WiFi, performs other maintenance tacks, and then goes back to sleep. If there is an update available it will download that and stay awake until it is finished. The car will not decide to go back to sleep in the middle of an update.

m.reeser | October 6, 2018

I think there may be 2 presumptions in play. 1. the presumption that all cars will get the update at the same time.
2. using the term "roll out" as its meaning is not understood the same by everyone.

david.wang318 | October 7, 2018

Glad I’m not the only one that hasn’t received the v9 update yet....

Trekman | October 7, 2018

@jpalermo Ok, you were right. As long as the app stays open the wifi stays connected. Also, I plugged the charger in to a slow 120-v outlet (said needed 12 hours to charge to my setting) and the wifi stayed connected the entire 12+ hours.

Rykemapo | October 7, 2018

Check teslafi. Don't even expect the update until you start to see model 3s getting it. So far none have. Only S/X are getting v9 right now.