Stealing a Tesla - can a thief disable remote GPS tracking?

Stealing a Tesla - can a thief disable remote GPS tracking?

I've read contradictory "facts" as to whether a thief disabling remote access on a Tesla's screen completely turns off Tesla's ability to remote track the car, or whether Tesla can still track it and possibly remote disable it even though the owner no longer can. Does anyone really know for sure?

I would suggest again that Tesla add a PIN to disable remote access, similar to the PIN for disabling Valet Mode. It would be trivial for programmers to add that to an OTA update. Even if Tesla CAN still track a car with remote access "turned off", it would be nice for the owner to be able to notify local police of the stolen car's location.

lilbean | July 6, 2018

They can’t disable it on Valet mode.

joe | July 6, 2018

Sorry, I wasn't saying that. If a Valet parking attendant tries to disable Valet mode on the car's LCD screen, he is asked to enter a PIN, which he will not know. I was suggesting that turning off Remote Access should also require that a PIN be entered - the thief would not know it.

joe | July 6, 2018

I realize that stealing a Model 3 would require some means of getting around the key - but apparently it has been done. Seems to me that the very simple software upgrade that would let would-be thieves know that they wouldn't be able to easily disable the car being tracked would be a good deterrent, easily implemented.

EVfan | July 6, 2018

It should definitely require a 4-6 digit pin code. Just like turning off Find My iPhone or Samsung Activation Lock. That’s a common sense thing that should already be implemented. Whether Tesla can still track it or not isn’t really relevant.

dkabq | July 6, 2018

@jwitkin good idea but in the mean time, you do understand that you can turn on valet mode at anything via the APP doesn't have to be with a parking attendant. You can set maximum speeds as well. So if some one steals your car, and you happen to notice you can turn on valet mode which prevents access to glove box, front trunk and many of the controls and you can set it to max of 50 MPH, so they can't out run the police. Both speed limit and valet requires a 4 digit code, seem to be able to be set them together, haven't driven it that way, but I have remotely set valet mode once when I had it in for tinting and forgot prior.

brian.oconnell11 | July 6, 2018

Prior to clicking this, i was kinda hoping to read "Asking for a friend" for the comedic value of the statement.... But then i opened it and realized this wasn't reddit

joe | July 6, 2018

"good idea but in the mean time, you do understand that you can turn on valet mode at anything via the APP" -

ya, IF the thief hasn't already turned off remote

Sslnight | July 7, 2018

I certainly hope its not possible to remotely disable the gps tracking but.. it is possible to jam the signal including cell service. The question is if the car looses both does it stop working? Im pretty sure the answer is no.

This is not something im worried about but i hope this answers your question. Like the idea of added security to the account for tracking.

CST | July 7, 2018

Wouldn't a smart Thief just immediately enable valet mode, use his own pin, and then set it to something reasonable to get away with?

Red Sage ca us | July 7, 2018

Hmmm... 'smart ... Thief' If such a thing existed, they would probably steal an ICE car instead. Apparently, there is a bigger market for those.

djharrington | July 7, 2018

I have car insurance, so I don’t worry too much about these things.

Magic 8 Ball | July 7, 2018

I'll prolly just pull up in a flatbed and get mine that way. Don't want to scratch my new car.

WardT | July 7, 2018

Musk created the software for online banking with one of his first companies, Bank X. I think the security is pretty well thought out for the Teslas. Few may know what the security is, but it is probably better that way. Forget about it!

marcustcohn | July 8, 2018

Without a key card, fob, or a paired phone how does a thief steal a Tesla ?

Magic 8 Ball | July 8, 2018

Pull up with a flatbed, put dollys under the wheels, done.

minervo.florida | July 8, 2018

Well we just told potential thief's how to do it.

Magic 8 Ball | July 8, 2018

They already know more about stealing cars than anyone here.
Thieves with flatbeds, jammers, hacking tools, have done it more than once.

Rutrow 3 | July 8, 2018

Battery modules alone would be an attractive reason to steal a Tesla. That replacement parts are in short supply adds more incentive.

minervo.florida | July 8, 2018

I am talking about telling them how to disable tracking. Sure everything is out there but why help them.

Magic 8 Ball | July 8, 2018

I don't see a post that tells how to disable tracking.

How is it done?

hroth | July 8, 2018

Never thought about it.
But to enter a Pin would be a good solution to avoid changes of setting what could cause issues.
If you have kids you know - the screen is asking - "Please touch me!".

ReD eXiLe ms us | July 8, 2018

After the report that a would-be thief couldn't figure out how to drive a Chevrolet BOLT, I wouldn't worry about it.