Stearingwhell shaking when changing lines

Stearingwhell shaking when changing lines

I had been driving the Model 3, for a month and now start to have a light vibration on the stearingwheel, when changing lines, happen at hight speed in the fwy, as well in the street around 45
Had somebody experience this? Is alignment issue? Tires looks good and air presure is ok
Should I take it to be check?

drscott | January 21, 2019

Lane departure warning most likely. Its there to warn you you went out of your lane. Try using turn signal when changing lanes and it will go away. or turn it off. I think the setting is under autopilot.

nineteenelevenfan | January 22, 2019

@HoVA what you should do is RTFM...and I mean that in the politest of ways. Car has SO many features ICE vehicles don't or does things differently that it's worth the read. This also means you're one of those drivers that DOESN'T bother to signal when lane changing because if you did, you'd notice the steering wheel won't shake. Car is intelligent enough to know that you've crossed over lane markers and since you didn't signal, the car is ***warning*** you of a possible drift (falling asleep or looking at your phone and not paying attention to the road kind of thing) error.

CST | January 22, 2019


ReD eXiLe ms us | January 22, 2019

Signal lane changes. It isn't that hard. Don't be an ICEHOLE. You aren't driving a BMW anymore. Haptic feedback has been 'a thing' since before the PlayStation Dual Shock controller for videogames. Stay alert, pay attention, be safe.

Wanderer | January 22, 2019

I feel slight vibration (like when an out-of-balance wheel wobbles) when changing lanes - with/out turn signal and with/out AP. My M3 is about a month old with 1K on ODO.

CST | January 22, 2019

The wheels on the bus go round and round... Round and round...

bheck11 | January 22, 2019

For MinorityReport: While Lane Assist is in the manual, it's only fair to note that the description of when it works is not overly clear. So far as I can tell, Lane Assist functions whenever cruise control is on (and maybe even when it's not on), not just when AutoPilot is engaged. However, the setting to turn it on and off is with the other AutoPilot controls.

As others have said, if you use the turn signal, Lane Assist is smart enough to know that you meant to change lanes. And the turn signal needs to be on when doing the change, not just before you change.

dsvick | January 22, 2019

How about if we put future responses in this other, identical thread ....

syclone | January 23, 2019

RTFM is a relative of MIL-TFP-41 (make it like the f-ing print for once that I initiated when I was a QC manager for a Raytheon division many years ago.

lilbean | January 23, 2019

Haha, @CST!

lbowroom | January 23, 2019

Human factors engineers seeks to design products that are intuitive, thus minimizing the need to study a manual. That's just for the people who always scream rtfm! However,I think the steering wheel buzz when changing lanes without signal is pretty obvious to figure out.

lilbean | January 23, 2019

So true, @lbowroom!

CharleyBC | January 23, 2019

@CST: Tesla makes buses now?