Still on 2018.28.5 software.

Still on 2018.28.5 software.

I've read a bunch of threads about "just wait" but it feels like my car has just stopped receiving updates. This is a really old update as far as I can tell from other sites. Is there something I need to do?

jjgunn | March 3, 2019

Call Tesla Mobile Service or head to your nearest service center & request a firmware update

mathwhiz | March 3, 2019

AFAIK there is no direct phone number for Tesla Mobile Service. They are dispatched by the service center.

Also, unless policy has changed overnight, the service center will not perform a software update unless the vehicle is in-service on an active ticket. And as slammed as they are now, just rolling up to your local service center for a software update would likely be an exercise in frustration, and perhaps just futility.

Yes, you can get a software update from mobile service, but make sure to arrange an appointment with your service center first. You can do it right from the most recent Tesla app, and they have added a Service Request item specifically for the purpose.

In general, yes 2018.28.5 is pretty old. From my check of teslafi, only two in their database are still at that version... But you also haven't shared any info about your vehicle... Keeping your car well within range of a strong wifi signal should help.

jjgunn | March 3, 2019

Since the firmware is so old, he doesn't have the option to schedule an appt from the app. I think you need at least firmware version 2018.48.xx

Yes schedule an appointment - they'll definitely help you.