storage space

storage space

The Model S has no place for sunglasses, snacks, etc.
there sure is space for a nice console on the floor. Of course you can add a large, aftermarket
console but looks silly.
Hopefully the X will have a large console with multiple compartments for stuff.
My SUV even has a small compartment on the ceiling/roof that pops open. I store my glasses there.

Red Sage ca us | May 19, 2014

There will probably be more interior storage features on the Tesla Model X than on Model S... but still far fewer than you would find on a Lexus SUV or Honda Minivan. Tesla Motors's design philosophy concentrates on exhibiting the best feature of an electric drivetrain -- opening up interior space by not having the driveshaft tunnel dividing the vehicle in half. Most storage bin options were developed to conceal the transmission hump. There's nothing there to hind in the Tesla vehicles. So, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for 'multiple compartments for stuff'. Methinks the Model X won't even match a Buick Roadmaster in that department. You may have to wait for the Model X mk II, or a Generation III crossover vehicle, to see something more traditional.

kotcar | May 19, 2014

Alright Lubdubdoc! Finally someone else who sees the little things as necessities. I have to have that compartment that pops open to put my sunglasses. It is a must for me. The Tesla cars may not have a transmission hump to conceal, but people do need a place to keep the things they use daily or might need from time-to-time. I suppose the design engineers don't even want to think about putting in the little flap on the visor for a place to keep the insurance card.

I've reserved a Model X, but compartments are important and will be the determining factor as to whether or not I stay with the Odyssey. Will they have the cup holders for the kids in the back? Will I be able to keep band-aids, sunscreen, Off, spare gloves, garbage bags, etc.? I don't want the car to look sloppy with make-do things from the Container Store. I want multiple compartments that are part of the car.

Lubdub | May 19, 2014

Im good at adding things, there are aftermarket products available too
just seems like a shame though to spend such money and have something cute but not functional.
silly actually

Roamer@AZ USA | May 19, 2014

There is a dividing line between form and function. I prefer designers that focus on function then make the function beautiful.

The Model X will be more work horse than show horse. I hope Tesla has increased their design and engineering skills so they can get to the next level and add some beautiful interior function to the X.

Door pockets, hanger hooks, grocery bag hooks, sunglasses compartments, grab handles are all just features that make the tool capable of performing the task it is intended to perform. Minimalist was fine on the S and probably a reality for a first production run car. The X can be a human transportation tool equipped to accomplish the task.

How ever it turns out I am ready to get one delivered today. Can't wait. Seems like I have been on order forever at this point.

Roamer@AZ USA | May 19, 2014

I think it would be a cool design to make the center flat panel a rotating storage system. Like a lazy Susan in a cabinet. Rotate it a little right and the passenger can use it. Rotate it a little left and the driver has a good view without bothering the passenger. Rotate it further and storage trays appear behind it for all life's little necessities.

Instead of a center console on the floor why not a rotating display that hides storage behind it. That would be unique and further highlight the panel while providing cool hidden storage.

frankviaje | May 19, 2014

If you make the Tesla just like other cars, then is it a Tesla?

I like the minimalist design, but there may be compromises available. An example is the new center console, which I would not have wanted had it been available when I ordered last summer. We kept way too much junk in the cabin of our ICE cars, and I don't want to go that way again. I don't really want or need ashtrays, hooks, little nooks for this and that, map pockets, etc.

Lubdub | May 19, 2014

Does Tesla read these fora? sure hope they do to see what people are talking about

holidayday | May 20, 2014

"Door pockets, hanger hooks, grocery bag hooks, sunglasses compartments, grab handles"

3D printers really should be able to make these at a very low cost. But the project of Model S was to have as few parts to hold up the process as possible. Now that Tesla has learned a few things about the logistics of car-making, hopefully that means they can add more parts like these and not slow down the car build process.

Red Sage ca us | May 21, 2014

You may have to wait for a Generation III wagon or crossover vehicle to see something more traditional. Aside from allowing for captain's chairs, and a removable second row, I doubt there will be significant changes to the Model X interior beyond what was shown two years ago. Until there is a battery pack of 120, 150, 170 kWh or more, the standard issue vehicle will be relatively spartan. All the features you are asking for add weight. More weight limits range and reducing battery capacity. There is that really big frunk, y'know... | June 2, 2014

Companies that make minivans have learned a lot over the years about what customers want in the way of storage arrangements. Coat hanger hooks don't add much weight but are used a lot. I have a Honda minivan that has a console between the front seats with a little storage tray and cup holders on top and basically a big box underneath in which to store odds and ends like a tire pressure gauge, a flashlight, a cloth for wiping dust off of the LCD screen and so on. There is no transmission under the floor to cover up because it is in front of the fire wall. The console is easily removable if you don't want it.

There are storage nooks in the inside sidewalls in the rear that don't add weight but are handy for things like paper towels and a first aid kit.

Tesla would do well to learn from the evolution of such designs over decades and adopt those things that fit the mission of the vehicle and work within the constraints of cost and space.

Red Sage ca us | June 2, 2014

Certain vehicles over the years made very ingenious use of interior space.
The Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon was renowned for its utility for decades.
The Volkswagen Vanagon may not have been the first to use each of its many interior features, but it put more of them into a cohesive package than anything before it.
Certain aspects of both those vehicles have been copied over and over again as the modern minivan has evolved.

carlgo | June 3, 2014

Tesla could offer an optional storage package with all this stuff being part of that. That way they could charge $3250 for something that should be standard on an expensive car, just like BMW does.

All those holders and compartments should have removable and washable liners. Ick gets in them no matter what.

Imagine the horror of no upholders out back by the rear-facing kids seats. Angry parents would storm Musk's house with torches and pitchforks and spray cans of carpet cleaner.

DeletePlease | June 8, 2014

Dear Tesla, developer/design team, please do all customers a favor and DON'T listen to the people!

If Jobs had listened to customers while developing a mobile phone, we would have had a nokia-version with bigger battery. No iphone, no ipad

When they where published, there where a lot of cry for missing t9-keyboard or ipad missing this or that.

DON'T you dare listen!

Hopefully they stay in line and follow what they have started. After a time of whining the people will forget the old crappy, overloaded cars from the past and sure they will love Model X - with its minimalistic perfection!

Greetings from the east

Lubdub | June 9, 2014

yes Tesla work in a vacuum and don't listen to your future customers. What do customers know about your needs. You, Tesla, are all powerful and know everything. (just kidding)

DTsea | June 10, 2014

No innovation comes from committees.

This is a virtual committee.

jbunn | June 18, 2014


In one sentence you express your dissatisfaction with lack of storage and state that there is plenty of space for a nice console on the floor.

You then go on in the next sentence to say the center consoles you've seen "look silly".

So when you ask Tesla to listen to your design ideas, which ones? I'm getting mixed messages. You want center console storage, but you don't want the intrusion in the cabin.

Lubdub | June 19, 2014

jbunn are you a rep for Tesla or just being constructive in letting me know how to better communicate with THEM?
I meant I have seen after market consoles at Pep Boys and if I purchased one, it would be silly looking in a Tesla. But I would have to do something like that to get what I feel is needed for an SUV. Id rather have something designed by Tesla that looks good and is functional. Thanks for the input.

jzchen2276 | July 7, 2014

I finally saw the inside of a model S within the last couple of months. What was shocking was that my wife, reading a book in a hotel room, found out that there were no cup holders for the back seat passengers. I take a look at my wife's $36k C-MAX Energi and there are one in each door, and if you fold down the center armrest there are another 2. A similar armrest is in the '09 Mercedes C350 of my mother. You make an electric car that can go a decent distance/travel a decent amount of time, and you don't have the amenities of cars that cost less than half the price. There's an inconvenience of having to pass my 8 yr. old son his drink because he can't put it anywhere....

The model X is compared to a minivan and SUV. I watched the unveiling online and was impressed with the amount of storage space. Elon didn't even get to demonstrate the large amount of luggage that was placed in the front trunk. One of the helpers removed the luggage after he had already finished presenting. But, I'm afraid I have realized how the heck are they going to put cup holders no those gull wing doors. I'm going to try to get down to Hawthorne to see it in person...

Tâm | July 8, 2014


You might get what you wish for.

A Model S owner reported of a bad soda spill that got to electronic parts under the central arm rests.

I am not sure eating and drinking in a car is a good idea!

kotcar | July 10, 2014

It seems that more people have responded positively to hangers, hooks, cup holders....It is depressing to think that other automobiles have more benefits when it comes to interior comfort. I believe that DeletePlease doesn't understand the necessities of traveling with kids - even conveniences just for yourself. I like hooking my grocery bags to the hooks so stuff doesn't spill out while I'm heading home from the store. I like to have my sunglasses in a safe, easy-to-reach spot that keeps them from getting scratched or stepped on by the kids if they fall on the floor. I want my husband to be able to hang up his suit jacket so it doesn't get wrinkled by the seat belt. I like the tray between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat to keep the dry cleaning receipt handy. I even keep a nail file there because it drives me crazy when I get a damaged nail that keeps catching on my clothes. It is not too much to ask for these simple things... and the most important are cup holders for my Starbucks and the kid's slushies.

LDScott | July 12, 2014

We currently have an S and have a reservation for an X, but I'm not sure the wife and I will want the X if it isn't up to par with Mercedes, Infiniti, Lexus, etc. There are so many things that we are willing to overlook that the S does not have, but when it comes to completely switching over, it just doesn't seem there yet. The X will have to be better than S and at least be on par with what we will be giving up in our luxury SUV to compete for our business. Range is a huge factor, but for my wife, luxury and convenience are the biggest. There were a lot of interior safety, convenience, and luxury features that we gave up with our Mercedes E to get into a Model S. I think thats as far as she will go. I understand the innovation comment and just as Roadster and Model S have done so for their markets, I have confidence that X will be innovative for it's market, but not by ignoring the clear outcry from its SUV/Minivan market. Each market has its own priorities, and X's market clearly has safety, convenience, and function among its highest. Tesla, please keep this in mind. We love the S and are pulling for the X, keep up the good work!

Lubdub | July 12, 2014

I agree this will be an SUV/minivan that needs stuff.
making it elegant but not convenient is wrong in my humble opinion.
this has got to be a car for use, not for the museum

Red Sage ca us | July 12, 2014

Tell me, has anyone noticed the word 'luxury' anywhere at all on this website other than in these forums or maybe in replies to blog posts?

jjs | July 13, 2014

@LDScott - In a somewhat similar situation. Own an S and have an X on order. However the only reason we may not take delivery is my wife. The X is for her to replace her current SUV. For her it is all about range and charging convenience on trips.

Now a little food for thought. The roadster is a very cool, very cutting edge (well at least until the S cam out) EV. It is in my opinion a drive train tech. marvel.

5 years from the initial release of the Roadster they release the S. The S is, IMHO, better in almost every aspect than the Roadster. It is amazing to me they were able to improve a drive train already a marvel AND create a car that is the safest, best nav., best UI (screen and voice) and and and and.....
It was/is an amazing advancement.

From the initial release of the S to the initial release of the X it will be 3 years (OK. 2.5). Judging from the advancements made between the roadster and the S I expect some head turning advancements in the X compared to the S.

I have no information regarding this than my belief in Tesla's culture and their track record so far.

That said, you may be disappointed. I'm not sure the head turning improvements will be in the areas you find important. I think we will see some creature comfort improvements. But most of the real "wow" improvements will be in performance and ease of use. As Red Sage aptly points out above. Luxury is not an adjective used by Tesla to describe it's cars.

the bonnie | July 13, 2014

As a longtime Roadster owner, I have to point out that the interior has also advanced significantly from Roadster to Model S.

Okay, we have coat hooks. Kind of. That's what the struts for the soft top are for, right? And some of us actually have a glove box big enough for a box of mints. :)

The interior of the Roadster is crude, especially in comparison to the Model S. Tesla did step up on their game on all fronts when the Model S was designed & I'm sure they'll do the same for the Model X.