Has anybody been to a store recently? I (UK based) are going to NY this weekend and have a bit of time to go by the store in NY.
Is it worthwhile?

nickjhowe | December 6, 2012

IMHO it depends whether you've had a chance to sit and fiddle with the car or not.

Joyrider | December 6, 2012

You might just give them a call first and feel out what they could do for you...(car chat, car tour, test drive, test ride, etc.) The store is reasonably easy to get to from pretty much anywhere in Manhattan either by taxi or, if you know NYC a little, public trans. If nothing else, the car does look even better in person!

benempt | December 6, 2012

Yes, I'd recommend stopping by, bringing a buddy or someone - they are just really fun. Like when you're in the mall, you have to stop by the Apple store.

vouteb | December 6, 2012


and NO, I have ordered it for more than 2 years now and have never seen, touched, smelled,ext one yet

How is that for faith!

Now, if only those mirrors would fold automatically!


nickjhowe | December 7, 2012

@vouteb - then you DEFINITELY want to go to the store. Most stores offer test drives, but make sure you book in advance. There should be plenty of opportunity for you to sit in the car in the store, play with all the controls, etc. etc. I spent toooo many hours in the Santana Row store when they first got the S.

hfcolvin | December 7, 2012

Definitely would recommend. As stated above call ahead to schedule a test drive to get the most bang for your visit. I visited the Chicago area store before making my reservation and now I'm looking forward to a visit to the DC store (closer to my home in Virginia) for a test drive.

At a minimum you'll get to see samples of the colors and interiors as well as sit in a model S and it will totally jack up your excitement for the car. I wasn't so interested in the Model S since I'm more of a station wagon/cargo space kind of guy. I was interested in the Model X but when I saw the S in person and all the space it has, that sealed the deal.

vouteb | December 7, 2012