Storm Mode? What is that?

Storm Mode? What is that?

My friend sent me this screen shot from the Android app

Does anyone know what Storm Mode is supposed to do? Curious.

Tesla2018 | July 14, 2019

What model car does your friend have, and is the code posted something that Tesla controls? It might have something to do with giving cars extra range or free supercharging in the event of an emergency. Is your friend in Lousiana an affected by the hurricane?

wisam.alrawi | July 14, 2019

@Tesla2018 Thanks for the reply.

He has Performance Model 3. He lives in Texas. Makes sense. I've read about Tesla enabling extra range in case of disasters.

reed_lewis | July 14, 2019

It might be for the powerwalls. When it is bad weather, the powerwalls will not let power out if there is grid power so that you have ample backup power if the grid goes down.