Strange whistle

Strange whistle

Yesterday morning I got up and washed my nice black Model S to get her ready for a Sunday drive in the country with my wife. Once she (the car) was clean and dry we headed off with some nice classical music playing on one of our Pandora stations. Entering the freeway for the first time and coming up to speed I noticed a rather loud whistling sound as if one of the windows was slightly open. Finding everything closed up tight I looked around at what might be the cause and even changed my speed a few times to see if there was a particular speed that was triggering the unfortunate noise. It was at about this time that I noticed an old Jeep one lane over that I had passed as I pulled onto the freeway riding along side me again. The whistle was there again, louder than ever. I tapped the accelerator and we pulled away as the noise faded to silence again. I turned to my wife and said, this car is so quiet we are going to be hearing the rattles and noises from other cars on the freeway. We both had a good laugh.

nickjhowe | February 25, 2013

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olanmills | February 25, 2013

Don't play with strange whistles, and don't whistle strangely.

... no I don't really no what the point of that was either. Sometimes my fingers just move along this keyboard...

Brian H | February 26, 2013

You never know what dog you might call?