Strong vibration at higher speeds.

Strong vibration at higher speeds.

Hi, I was trying to see if someone has experienced this before and what was the issue.
Noticed it recently on 2016 Model S RWD 75.
At around 75+ MPH I notice a very strong and unpleasant vibration coming through staring wheel as well as thought the rest of the cabin (my passenger noticed that today as well)
Various road surfaces, may be some are worse than others but even on the smooth road I feel vibration
Tire Pressure is at 45, alignment done at last service around December. Michelin Tires installed ~9 month ago. Pretty frustrating.
I feel like I am riding a Harley if you know what I mean...
Thanks for ideas

barrykmd | August 28, 2019

1. Tire balance. Maybe one of the weights fell off.
2. Alignment. Hit a pot hole and it can go out.

Bighorn | August 28, 2019

3. bent rim

Bighorn | August 28, 2019

4.dirty/muddy rim

Silver2K | August 28, 2019

I'll go with Barry on this one and with Bighorn if you're also feeling the vibration at your butt.

DonS | August 29, 2019

#1 and #2 are the first things to check, but if you have 21" wheels, I'd say #3 is most likely.

inconel | August 29, 2019

Does the S have tires with insulation foam inside and can the foam become loose?

Bighorn | August 29, 2019

Foam can do if too

barrykmd | August 29, 2019

Bighorn | August 28, 2019
4.dirty/muddy rim

gleyfman | August 30, 2019

Thanks! I have 19", so bent rim is unlikely. But not impossible with our roads.
Made a service appointment, first after the influx of Model 3s. Will see how bad the service is now...

T3SLA90D | August 31, 2019

I had a similar issue with my brand new December 2016 MS90D. After multiple failed attempts at diagnosing and fixing the problem at service centers here what finally fixed it:
“Technician found contact between lower duct and radiator support causing vibration. Corrections: Fascia Assembly - Front

R/R front fascia to reinforce lower duct."

Hope this helps

Bighorn | August 31, 2019

I bent a couple 19” rims this winter as well as a sidewall shred, from several different potholes.

Silver2K | August 31, 2019

Check for inside wear on rear tires due to poor alignment