Stuck in High air suspension

Stuck in High air suspension

Have had some intermittent problems with the air suspension. When I park the car the suspension on the passenger side is higher than the driver side. Usually I can adjust the suspension to high then back to standard and it fixes it. Today I put it in high and now I am getting a message the suspension is too high but won't go back to low or standard. Any suggestions? I know I can reboot the screens, what about a complete car reboot?

Tâm | July 9, 2013


17” display: Press both rollers on steering wheel until the 17” display goes dark, then release.

Instrument Panel: Press both buttons above rollers on steering wheel until the Instrument Panel goes dark, then release.

goelec1640 | July 9, 2013

Tried the both and neither corrected the suspension issue. Both reset but will not allow me change the suspension. Thanks for the suggestion!