Stunning Opti-coat pro job on MC Red

Stunning Opti-coat pro job on MC Red

Exquisite polish-out and Opti-coat Pro application on my MC Red Model S by WindowsandWheels of Gilbert, Arizona.

Complete set of 41 photos showing the work and progress here:

LV2SF99999 | September 26, 2013

Thanks for sharing! It looks like they did a great job. And the stickers look really good.

kakeuter | September 26, 2013

Glad you went the proper route and had Wills apply OC Pro. He's a great guy, enjoy never having to wax your car again!


thranx | September 27, 2013

As to the stickers...amazing what one driver's idea plus twelve bucks can do for a $90,000 car.

carlk | September 27, 2013

Could not open the link but I will try.

I loved the couple MC red I saw on the street. They look especially good with the black pano roof. My wife is dead against red though and some of my friends don't think too much of a red car. I need to get them to look at the real car.

thranx | September 28, 2013

@carik; you can always google "WindowsandWheels Facebook" and find the photos there.

My wife picked the MC Red color.

strengthcoach4 | September 28, 2013

Do you mind me asking how much it set you back? Did you wait at their house while they worked? Thanks.

thranx | September 28, 2013

@strengthcoach4; It wouldn't be accurate anyway. Each vehicle (even new Teslas) has its own set of paint issues (or hopefully, non-issues). Your cost could be more, could be less.

If you want to know what it cost me, email me:

jjaeger | September 29, 2013

Can i ask where you got the red TESLA stickers for the back of the car? Have seen them offered in black but never red. Have the red hub cap inserts and really like them.

thranx | September 30, 2013

Same guy does the TESLA stickers...can't find the address just now, but try