Sub Zero Weather Package and Parking Sensors now up on

Sub Zero Weather Package and Parking Sensors now up on

No mention of retrofit. Also they have added other options and completely redesigned the "Design Studio" section of website where you pick out options. Options now are:

Carbon Fiber Wing - $1500
HPWC - $2700
Tech Package - $3500
Smart Air Suspension - $2250
Parking Sensors (req's tech package) - $500
Fog Lamps - $500
Ultra High Fidelity Sound - $2500
Extended Napa Leather Trim - $2500
Alcantara Headliner - $1500
Rear Facing Seats - $2500
Premium LED Lighting - $1000
Sub Zero Weather Package - $750
Parcel Shelf - $250

They also now have 3 styles of 19" rim: standard, "Aerodynamic and Cyclone" both of which are $2500 upgrades, Cyclone looks very similar to the 21's which are now called "Turbine"

In addition, you can chose 'standard' or 'performance' seating, the later being with the Alcantara like a standard P85 seat which is a $2500 upgrade. The 'yacht floor' is $500, while interiors now only piano black is included, everything else is a $650 upgrade except for carbon fiber which is now $800.

So I recreated my car, which I received in Feb, and with the exact same options, my car is basically $10K more....pretty shocking that prices are being jacked up as much as they are. they've gone to grouping things into packages more towards 'a la carte' like typical ICE car manufacturers. What was a $950 Sound Studio Package is now a $2500 Ultra High Fidelity Sound package - and there's nothing on the website to indicate what if any difference there is. Air suspension has been jacked up $750. The HPWC interestingly is unchanged, as the new 'package' includes the onboard twin charging - which is not longer a package. To get it, you must buy the HPWC.

Interesting stuff.

tobi_ger | August 3, 2013

I think you're thinking wrong. :)
The service agreement may only mean hardware like e.g. improved/fixed compressor for A/C or something. But adding new extensive hardware features is certainly not expectable. There's also no guarantee that any new options will be retrofitable.