Suggestion: associate driver profiles with key fobs

Suggestion: associate driver profiles with key fobs

Some other cars already do this, and I'm sure Tesla can, too:

Associate the driver profile with the fob that was used to unlock the car. Then, when John opens the car, his profile is selected by the time he sits down. But if Jane opens the car, hers is selected.

hillcountryfun | February 2, 2014

And then a default if they are both present...

J.T. | February 2, 2014


stevenmaifert | February 2, 2014

Just another broken promise: Scroll down to "The Key"

Nuts4MS | February 2, 2014

Bitter much? I'm sure it was put in the original concept but maybe the engineers didn't have time to implement so they prioritied other features with the intention of adding it in a future update.

stevenmaifert | February 2, 2014

@Nuts4MS - Not bitter, just calling it what it is. That page and associated links was Tesla's Website as it existed on June 1, 2012. The specs page also says "Front sun visors with LED illuminated mirrors" and "Flash memory storage for up to 500 songs." Neither of those materialized either although, at the time, the early adopters were configuring and making purchase commitments based on what Tesla was advertising on their Website. The Fanboise have argued that all this is trivial considering the phenomenal electric driving machine Tesla delivers. Others have argued just as passionately that Tesla has an obligation to deliver what they advertised. Anything less constitutes false advertising. Either way, it's broken promises whether you personally think it's a big deal or not.

Thomas N. | February 3, 2014

I don't think it's a big deal at all.

Maybe they decided to work on the safety of the frame instead and now thirty million miles in there has never been a major injury or death in a Tesla vehicle.

But it would be totally cool to have 500 songs on the internal hard drive instead of the inconspicuous $20 micro USB thumb drive connected into one of my USB ports.

carolinagobo | February 3, 2014

I had that future in my Jeep Grand Cherokee back in 2001

mkh1437 | February 3, 2014

I don't think the car can tell where the key fob is in relation to the car, so if both you and your wife have a fob with you, how would it know who is driving? As someone above said, if both fobs are present, I suppose it could just default to whichever profile was used last, but that almost seems like a regression from current behavior. Unless the car can actually recognize which fob is being used by the driver, I don't think there is an elegant solution to this.

Additionally, I have experienced an issue where while I am driving, the car warns me (in error) that the fob is no longer in the car. I would hate to be driving along, with both fobs in the car, and suddenly the car loses contact with my fob but senses my wife's fob, so it re-adjusts the seat and steering wheel to her profile!

JPPTM | February 4, 2014

This has been discussed here and at TMC--search using

jordanrichard | February 4, 2014

Unless Tesla put it in writing on a contract that the Model S once in production will in fact "x, y, and z", then no promise was broken. It is routine for car manufacutrers to boast about future features on their cars, but that don't make it to production for one reason or another.

J.T. | February 4, 2014

@jordanrichard Tesla: Just Another Car Manufacturer. Has a nice ring to it.

Brian H | February 4, 2014

Tesla; Not Just Another Car Manufacturer
rings a bit better. ;)

J.T. | February 4, 2014

@BH Yes, it does, but since my good friend jordanrichard was using all car manufacturers as a benchmark for what Tesla should be aiming for I thought I'd chide him a bit.

stevenmaifert | February 5, 2014

These weren't future features being advertised. The car was in production with the first Sigs delivered that month. Since Tesla doesn't sell through dealerships, their Website becomes our "official" source of information about the car as we make configuration decisions and purchase commitments via that same Website. Those X,Y, & Z features were what the Website advertised when both the buyer and Tesla signed the The Pre-Delivery Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement (MVPA). That fact that they weren't specifically enumerated in the MVPA (who does that?), doesn't, in my view, relieve Tesla of the obligation to deliver what they advertise.

eddiemoy | February 5, 2014

i have this in the car, can store up to 13K songs, cost? $46

you want one that fits over 6K songs? $20 bucks

it barely sticks out of the usb, about a 1/4 inch!

jg | February 8, 2014

I think a simple solution to the problem of two fobs at once is that the car at least knows which fob unlocked the car. Admittedly this won't always be the driver. Still, it's (much) better than nothing. The worst case is just the current default.

And often John and Jane drive alone.

(Too bad this thread has been hijacked by irrelevancies.)

mbarontseff | February 8, 2014

I like the idea of profiles associated with a key Fob. It would automate another item.
Perhaps in a future release.

(Hopefully I won't ever grab the wrong key fob.. )

JagMan | July 17, 2014

I was a tad disappointed yesterday to find that you can't link a fob to a profile, it really makes it awkward getting into the car after my wife has driven it.

I really hope this feature eventually makes it into the car.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | July 17, 2014

With only 2 keys that makes only 2 profiles! I like it the way it is. Set up an Exit profile and use it upon exiting the car. That way you both will always enter comfortably then select your profile. The current setup also allows for exchanging keys accidentally or on purpose or if one fails without complication. Additional profiles for your children is also a benefit. Much mor flexible with this arrangement IMHO.

torst1 | July 17, 2014

@EdwardG.NO2CO2 well made point!

hammy16 | July 17, 2014

I think this was one of the very first suggestions on the "wish list"
We are early sig owners and initial discussions with Tesla inferred that the fobs would or could be made driver unique. Alas that was not the case but there is always 6.0 which by now is expected to solve every expressed desire..

stevenmaifert | July 18, 2014

@hammy16 - You are correct and it wasn't an inference, it's what they were advertising when you ordered your Sig. Scroll down to "The Key"

stevenmaifert | July 18, 2014

Sorry. Try It takes a moment for the page to load.

hammy16 | July 18, 2014

You are right wise one.....The wayback machine does not lie....