Suggestion: Loaner car --> driver's profile + phone app integration

Suggestion: Loaner car --> driver's profile + phone app integration

It would be nice if Tesla can transfer driver's profile into the loaner car as the owner's car is being serviced at the service center. This will eliminate going through all the settings like seat adjustment, steering wheel settings, ..etc. It would be nice if the loaner car is added to phone app (maybe using the owner's email address) so the owner can use the apps function like location, temperature adjustment, and remote unlock as if it was his own vehicle. When the service is completed, Tesla removes the loaner car from the account so it does not show in the phone's app anymore.
Thinking of all those Tesla customers taking their vehicles for service, it would provide more seamless service experience.

reed_lewis | December 6, 2018

Since the Model 3 is going to support having your profile in Tesla's cloud, I would suppose that they could also have every other car act the same way. Then when you have a loaner, it would be accessible from your app.

The reason the model 3 is going to share this data is to allow car sharing. When you get into a Model 3 you rent/borrow, everything is set to the way you like it, including seat adjustments, etc.

With the increase in ranger service, hopefully the days of loaner cars will decrease. The more than can be done onsite away from a store, the less requirement for a loaner car.

EVRider | December 6, 2018

@reed: Where did you read that Model 3 will support cloud-based profile data?

Being able to transfer profiles/settings from one car to another would also be nice when you upgrade to a new car.

jerrykham | December 6, 2018

I guess it may be still be the norm other places but in California people get non-Tesla vehicles fairly frequently as the loaner car. This will probably increase as more and more Teslas are on the road and they can't keep enough Teslas at the rental place to handle all the service. When mine was in recently I was given a Chevy Impala. I had the first AM appointment too - on purpose because I was hoping to get a Tesla loaner. No luck. So how much effort they would put into the suggestion above depends on how likely they are to continue giving out a high percentage of loaners as Tesla vehicles. Obviously they can't load my driver profile on that awful Impala... But if they expect to continue to be able to give out a high percentage of Tesla vehicles as loaners then I think the suggestion is a good one.

jordanrichard | December 6, 2018

This has been in the works but I have yet to see it implemented. Theoretically your local service center would have to "size you up" for an S, X and a 3 in the event that you get one of those as a loaner in the future.

EVRider | December 6, 2018

@reed: Those sources are from August 2017. Any more recent evidence that Tesla is still considering doing this?

wisam.alrawi | December 6, 2018

I've been to the service center in San Diego 3 times within the past 3 months with my Model S P100D. First loaner was a Model S 75D with 50 miles on it. The second was a 2014 Model S 85. The last one, a Model S 75D.
I guess your mileage can vary here in California but that's what prompted me to bring up this suggestion with the loaner. I've had to adjust the profiles on all those cars. The last one had Creep turned on which was a surprise!

If I can chime-in further, it would be NICE to Enable Autopilot on the 75D when I get it as a loaner. The first one and the last one didn't have them enabled and and I felt it was a big downgrade coming from my car. Just toggle the software switch on for me. Not sure why it was disabled as a Tesla loaner vehicle in the first place. That 2014 Model S 85 had it !

reed_lewis | December 7, 2018

@EVRider - I have not seen anything, but you know it is in a Jira ticket somewhere in Tesla to get it done.

EVRider | December 7, 2018

The setting I'd most like to transfer between cars is the driver seat position. It took me a while to find the ideal position in my current Model S, and I'm taking delivery of a new Model S tomorrow. I realize the seat setting would probably only be compatible between the same models. The other settings are not as big a deal to recreate (except Slacker favorites and up/down votes).

reed_lewis | December 7, 2018

If you use your own account for Slacker and Tunein, when you log in using your credentials, you get everything you configured exactly the way you had it.

It is work the $10 a month to me.