Suggestions for Improvement

Suggestions for Improvement

Just some feedback to make this car more perfect.

- Get rid of any incandescent lights (license plate lights and side indicators) its 2013 guys, incan’s are banned in some countries already.
- Change Headlights and Fog lamps to LED and choice of white or amber fogs (also LED)
- More Paint armor coverage or give an option for a full Xpel wrap
- Amber rear blinkers, where I am nobody is paying attention as it is, and trying to get their attention with red flashers is near impossible, bright amber ones are much more effective
- Increase the deceleration speed for when the brake lights turn on, in other words, don’t have the brake lights turn on unless its max deceleration from motor regen.
- Chademo adapter included by default along with J1772?
- Power front trunk, the rear is already power, why not the front?
- Pano roof needs to be modified for less wind noise, in vent mode the noise is horrendous even at low speeds
- Going along with the pano roof change, the car doesn’t seem to be able to just have the vents open with no climate control, in my old car I could have the vent set to bring air from outside and my sunroof in vent mode so the momentum of the car pushes air through and I don’t have to have the fans running.
- The weight… its too much… maybe with current technology its not possible to make the battery lighter, but the weight really impacts the handling of the car and is very noticeable.
- A bigger 12v battery, with so many electronics running off the 12v there should really be something big like those 900cca AGM deep cycle batteries or a separate pack of lithium cells?
- Rear wiper blade, most hatch backs have this.

- Use LED’s that have a consistent temperature in light output, in my vehicle some leds are approx. 6000K and some are 8000K, all different “colors” of led light hit the seat and it looks weird.
- The interior roof led optics are too collimated and end up with hot spots on the seats, try using a 170° wide angle lens to reduce the hot spot. If the LEDs were pointed exactly at the center of seat they were facing, it would not be as noticeable but they are pointed in all directions.
- Larger sun visors
- Better parcel shelf, it looks kind of cheap, and mine is already peeling at the seams because its glued together, also this should just be included, maybe modify the design so the parcel shelf will lift with the gate (as with most hatch backs)
- Better carpets with hooks for both driver and passenger, even cheap kias come with embroidered carpets that are much thicker and higher quality
- Maybe as a no cost option, yes or no to stamped and logo’d door sills (illuminated one as charge option?)
- More cubby holes, maybe 1 for sunglasses 
- Trunk and Frunk LEDs, use more powerful ones, the current ones are useless for finding anything in the dark. Maybe use 2 CREE XM-L LEDs but run them at a lower wattage for extended life, you should still be able to get 600-800 lumens at reduced power.
- Sound system, needs to be redone entirely, im sorry but its terrible, I paid $1000 it aint worth it. Judging by many forum posts, I share a similar view to others.

Software Changes
- Support for audio formats is great! (I can play ogg and flac! please support any future released formats and it will be perfect
- Support reading from exFAT&NTFS (this is because windows is the most common OS and whenever anyone formats a large USB drive it goes to either NTFS or exFAT by default)
- Browsing the music is somewhat cumbersome when the usb drive has a very large selection, if possible make the alphabet scroll bar slightly thicker so its easier to press
- Maybe this is overboard but support for video formats too? All formats? (only in park of course :D)
- Ability to override headlight defaulting to auto, its seriously annoying to have the headlights turn on every time I drive in the shadow of a building, or don’t have them come on in auto unless the car is driving after a certain time, the sunset and sunrise can be programmed in.
- Rear view camera overlay, have both car width and center line overlay on the back up camera like most other cars, maybe have an option to turn it on and off

Customer Service
- More care and attention should be given when detailing and delivering cars (especially when it costs $121,000 CAD), my charge cable and 14-50 adapter was missing, car was not fully charged or charged to at least 80%, and tons of pieces of the paint armor were not applied, bubbles on the front lip, car was not fully detailed upon delivery (stickers and plastic everywhere).

J.T. | July 21, 2013

I'm convinced.
I'm selling my car tomorrow.
Good job.

Captain_Zap | July 21, 2013

We don't have much power when it comes to things like this.
We can't even edit our own posts.
Did you forward the list to Tesla?
They are listening to thoughful suggestions. | July 21, 2013

Good comments. Most have been said before, but you point out some new ones too.

A couple of errors - the only incandescent lights are the license plate (which are easy to change to LEDs) and main headlights. Everything else are LEDs. While you don't sound like a DIYer, if you want, I have detailed instructions on various lighting updates at:

I didn't try it, but the auto climate control can be overridden so that it is set to fresh air and the fan set off. It may give you want you want.

I'm not sure how long you've had your car, but the smallish sun visors are really fine for most people. When lowered, they end up at about the same spot as other car's visors, since the roof slops down at the front more than most other cars. If you think they are too high you might try and adjust your seat upwards. I had the same concern before getting the car, but I'm happy with the visors now.

As for a rear wiper - I strongly dislike them - ugly, non-aerodynamic, and mostly useless. It also adds undesirable weigh and cost. I've never needed it and would hate to be forced to have one. If ever offered, I would hope it would be an option.

Anyway, good post. Thanks!