Summon connectivity issue

Summon connectivity issue

I am encountering some issues with Summon. First, I get the message, “Unable to connect with your car.” Then, a few seconds later, another message - Summon was cancelled because the proximity sensor on your phone was covered.

Has anyone encountered this issue? Any feedback would be appreciated.

jingxi02 | July 23, 2018

I have the same issue. Most of the time (9 out 10) when summon the car out of my garage, the car just flash the light but not even move at all. Some times it moves couple feet and stops. I figured out if I turn off WiFi on my phone and use the 4G LTE connection, I can summon the car better. Maybe be 3 out of 10 times successful.

idoggmd | July 23, 2018

I’m having the same issue. First few times it worked well, had my kids have fun with it!
I’ll try turning off the WiFi, thank you for the suggestion

rgmodel3 | July 23, 2018

I have the same problem, but I have very poor LTE at my home and it’s even worse when in garage. But I still have the issue now that I am connected to WiFi with the latest firmware. It’s a hit and miss. Works sometimes flawlessly and get the connectivity issue few other times.

SPRY | July 27, 2018

Summon worked yesterday. Today it stopped working. Same issue. First, I get the message, “Unable to connect with your car.” Then, a few seconds later, another message - Summon was cancelled because the proximity sensor on your phone was covered.

creativeguy | July 27, 2018

As soon as I got the latest update I connected the car to my wifi because I could. The problem is that the signal drops off 10 feet outside my garage. So here is the question: If I'm on the lifetime media package (which I am because I got the car 2 months ago), and cell reception is good in my area (it is), then what is the benefit of using wifi? I don't think there is any for me.

CharleyBC | July 27, 2018

What exactly IS the proximity sensor on my phone? Where is it? (iPhone 6). I wouldn't know how to either cover it or uncover it. Weird message.

BearHs | July 27, 2018

This message "Summon was cancelled because the proximity sensor on your phone was covered" represents the front camera on your phone is covered, so the operation is canceled.

I've had encountered this error and tested numerous times to finally realize the main issue is because my hand keeps covering my phone's front camera sensor which negates the connectivity to my M3.

CharleyBC | July 27, 2018

Really? What the heck is it doing with the front camera? Looking at me to be sure i'm paying attention?

BearHs | July 27, 2018

lol your guess is as good as mine. My assumption is that it is part of the algorithm to ensure your phone is in close vicinity and just piggyback off of the censor from the front camera.

info | October 14, 2018

Please tell me if anyone knows if GPS is an issue. I can tell you I have all those same Summons symptoms of "server" this or "unable to connect" that ... but if I'm down in town at several different locations Summons works very very well. I know for a fact that GPS is weak at my house because I have 150 foot tall trees and a lot of them ... fully surrounded. It intermittently works at my house ... but that would be explained by GPS satellite in correct position. I bought a GPS repeater ... and I saw some other comments on other forums about Summons and GPS ... like in parking garages dosn't work unless a GPS repeater is installed. I'll report back once I get my repeater. I really like Summons ... when it works ... not just a toy ... but very nice feature.

CST | October 14, 2018

"Summon", not "Summons".

syclone | October 15, 2018

This may have been mentioned before, but since you can't search on this wonderful forum, I don't know.

I have been having very spotty results with summon. Sometimes it works fine. Other times it takes multiple attempts before something happens.

Yesterday, I turned off WiFi on my phone. The Tesla app tooke only 2 seconds to respond with a green battery bar. The summon function responded almost at once. I hit the homelink button - the door opened. The car responded quickly and backed right out of the garage.

I just downloaded 2018.39.7 two days ago. That may have helped. Although on a previous try before I shut down WiFi, it still was reluctant to start Summon.

RDSTRMDLX | April 3, 2019

I am having the same issue. Minor problem. Got summon to work, now I can’t access my car because it put itself into a tight spot and won’t cone out.