Supercharged: West Coast Corridor Invite

Supercharged: West Coast Corridor Invite

Is anyone going?

judimasters | October 29, 2013

I will be at the Seattle Finish event!

sellnout | October 29, 2013

Here's the info

redders | October 29, 2013

I'm going to meet the convoy at the San Juan Capistrano supercharger and head down to San Diego with them

mrspaghetti | October 30, 2013

This is great, but if the convoy is big enough won't it be a cluster f* actually trying to charge?

Captain_Zap | October 30, 2013

We just got the e-mail yesterday. I don't think we can make it to San Diego from Seattle in time. We might meet you at the finish line to say hello.

d_kaufman | October 30, 2013

I will be out of town, but if someone who attends could ask about Vacaville and Manteca...

NKYTA | October 30, 2013

My wife will try to get to Chrissy field, but alas, someone has to work to pay off the loan, so not me this time. :-/

But I'm still grinning! :-)

KenN | October 30, 2013

I'm a little confused here. The text and map describe a drive from SD to Vancouver, but the "finish line event" is in Seattle?

So, not actually going to Vancouver? I'd love to see this roll into my town!

Seraph | October 30, 2013

Went to the event this morning in SD.

They two P85+'s are driving up to Vancouver, charging there to prove it can be done and then turning around to head back to the "finish line party" in Seattle.

There were t-shirts given away at the event to mark the occasion and it was a great opportunity to ask questions about the supercharger network. The San Francisco event tomorrow sounds like it will be a much bigger crowd, with lots of Tesla employes attending.

JPPTM | October 30, 2013

I'll be at Chrissy Field in SF tomorrow and will report back.

EDH AL | October 30, 2013

It looks like they'll be stopping in Folsom on their way from Chrissy Field to Corning. I can't make either Chrissy or Corning but Folsom is in my wheel house and I'd like to say hello. Can someone confirm Folsom is definitely one of the stop?

Thank you!.

Tylyoung | October 30, 2013

Many Tesla Enthusiasts will be at Crissy Field in San Francisco CA tomorrow morning marking this great achievement. Tesla's able to travel from San Diego CA to Vancouver B.C. entirely on Tesla Superchargers.

The nearly completed left coast leg of the Tesla Supercharging Network really shows that Tesla BEV's can "get 'er done."

Effortlessly..and.. FOR FREE!

I will be there as well, learn what I can and report back ASAP!

I know for most of us this quite an occasion. Other people are just catching on. Realizing that Tesla truly is spearheading the beginning of a monumental paradigm shift in automotive transportation.

Geeez! Tesla will need to produce one million quality cars a year as the paradigm shift moves along over the next several years!

It's great to be aware of the paradigm shift early, and watch as Tesla moves automotive transportation forward!!

veepsp | October 30, 2013

If the list of Super Chargers up to date on the Supercharger page? redders mentioned San Juan Capistrano Super Charger, but I dont see it on the list of chargers available today. Where can I see the list of current chargers?

TeslaModelSOwner | October 30, 2013

Anybody know if they will be supercharging in fremont?

Tylyoung | October 30, 2013

Above under supercharger...

scroll down to the list..

it is current.

mclary | October 30, 2013

I wish I could be at Chrissy Field but we have Halloween activities tomorrow morning and cannot make it. I look forward to some photos and reports. Thanks again Tesla and congratulations on another of many more milestones to come!!

Shesmyne2 | October 31, 2013

Just returned from Crissy field.
It was a good turn out. Lots of happy grins.
Jerome spoke briefly about the supercharger network. Clearly it is on top of their priority list.
There are 2 vehicles driving up to Vancouver.
In speaking with one of the marketing guys taking the trip, he explained they are taking their time-not a race, and will be checking out the Superchargers along the way, stopping to talk to peeps and get as much exposure for the car and the Superchargers as possible.

These events are a great way to educate current & future owners. It is also a pleasure chatting with fellow owners as well.

Thanks again Elon-keep the excitement growing!

Still Grinning ;-)

redders | October 31, 2013

Sorry - I realize there are some new folks who don't have the benefit of many hours on this site. There is no Supercharger in San Juan Capistrano yet. It is the source of many comments but no action yet.

I hope it will be there soon.

JPPTM | October 31, 2013

I attended the Tesla event @ Chrissy Field in SF. The venue was excellent. Beautiful fall SF weather, on the water, with the view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Great choice by TM corporate, especially given the short time to plan. I arrived at 0830 (officially an 0900 start), and there was a small group of Tesla staff/employees set up at a table at a fenced off part of the parking lot. The only marking was a not to obvious Tesla flag planted along the main road at the water to show the small side road to take to the reserved area. There was a National Parks ranger/guard there with a movable barrier, and Model S arrived all morning and were guided into place in the designated parking area.

At the beginning, 1 team of drivers for the Supercharger trip was there, having driven up from San Diego, with 1 of the 2 grey P85s decked out with the graphics of the trip (the other was stuck in SF traffic and arrived at 0930). FWIW, they did charge @ Fremont before coming to SF. I did speak to one of the teams of drivers. Sounds like the event was thrown together by TM at the very last minute (thus the very short notice), based upon the completion of the west coast supercharger network, and that all plans, graphics, t-shirts, invites, press releases, etc were pulled together very fast.

As the morning progressed, more Tesla staff and many more owners arrived, with about 25 Model S from all over the Bay Area (including some corporate vehicles with MFG tags). Even with the 2-day notice, it was a really great turnout. Most colors and options (several Sig red), even one handsome brown with chromed 19” wheels (nice…retro). There were also 2 black S85 from a new local limo company marketing ‘green’ travel and wine country tours (lots of room in the S for golf bags and many cases of wine). Yes, commercial, but not offensive and in good taste (they even showed a mod to the frunk with a snap-in snap-out vinyl padded skirt/liner to protect the front bumper/nosecone when loading/unloading the frunk). They also added their own rear seat/floor center console for beverage holders (…essential in their business).

There was a table set up by TM with breakfast snacks (pastries, bagels, water, coffee), which went quickly. The press was there (several local news crews, photographers). There was lots of mingling and show and tell, and interaction with the Tesla staff. Interested passers by (dog walkers, bikers) also stopped by. The event was low key, casual & cordial. Jerome G was there in his personal Model S, and I got to chat with him at length (notes posted to appropriate sub-topics). He actually commented to me that he would have really liked to participate on the road trip, but did not have sufficient time.

Towards the end, of the event, Jerome spoke to the group (probably at least 100 people there) to thank all of the owners, supporters, and employees. He talked a bit about the efforts in rolling out superchargers in the US (as we know, the delays are not technical, but political & jurisdictional with different rules & regs, real estate issues, permitting, etc). He then introduced the head of the supercharger group (sorry...missed the name) who was there with about 6 of his group. He spoke briefly and emphasized the hard work and some of the challenges in getting superchargers rolled out. He did note that the superchargers are fully telemetered and monitored real time 24/7/365, and if any faults or problems pop up, they are immediately aware. He says that there has not been a lot of down time, and that even if a single charger is down, others in the cluster are up.

There was time for questions, and one question pertained to having some kind of notification about supercharger unavailability/down time available to S owners/drivers. Sounds like this is not likely to get to us owners anytime soon. The idea of SMS or push notifications when your S is done supercharging was brought up, and the appropriate team(s) are working on this (no ETA). Jerome was asked about how the superchargers are depicted on the MCU/nav screen, and how the distances to the chargers are usually shown ‘as the crow flies’ and not necessarily true driving distance. Jerome said that there is an upcoming major nav update with many new and improved features (he did not say much but clearly was very excited about it), and there will be a fix/enhancements to the supercharger mapping.

In terms of supercharger priority, the installation of basic supercharger hardware/functionality is job 1 (as many as fast as possible), then improvements to power/kW, then site improvements as needed, and then, far down the line, solar canopies with on site battery storage. No plans/promises (when asked) about any change/upgrade to fix the issue of 2 cars sharing 1 supercharger and the impact on charge rate/time.

Jerome was asked about battery swapping, and he said that it was a different topic under development—clearly not a big priority or what he/TM wanted to showcase. Someone asked about installing a supercharger @ home (maybe not an owner…) and he was told that he need 480v 3 phase 120kW service to his home, so not too likely. Jerome did however mention that TM is apparently actively talking to high-end hotels, restaurants, etc about essentially giving them HPWC systems for free, if they will install them and pay for the power. TM clearly is looking at every angle to get more charging infrastructure in place for us owners. He was asked about supercharger placement within metropolitan areas, and that is not the plan or goal, Superchargers are to optimize long distance travel. The next big push is to get the east coast network up, and then they will do an east coast supercharger event as well (no time given).

After questions ended, t-shirts commemorating the event were handed out, and then the teams moved to their cars to depart for the run up north.

NKYTA | November 1, 2013

Thanks @JPPTM for the writeup - I wish I could have been there.

It did make the local news here in the Bay Area: