Supercharger and incentives in Europe

Supercharger and incentives in Europe

Is there any information about plans for superchargers and incentives
in Europe ?

Jolinar | August 16, 2013

first superchargers are already under construction in Norway (or will be very soon).

KevinPH | December 3, 2013

When will the NL-D-CH SC network be active? The map indicates Winter 2013 (which we are now)...

My wife has an 85+ on order for delivery in Feb - if possible, we want to head from NL to CH in early March!

Thanks! K

Geert.Snijders | December 4, 2013


NL - Oosterhout is active as we speak, NL - Zevenaar next week.

I think next online will be GE - Cologne or Duesseldorf.

Enjoy, Geert