Supercharger demand is increasing in Gilroy

Supercharger demand is increasing in Gilroy

Y'all, I posted a photo on TMC of the scene at Gilroy a couple of hours ago. I can imagine that Gilroy and all the other Superchargers in California are going to be inundated as these great cars hit the road in massive numbers. Looking forward to augmentation / additional SC's!

hsadler | February 24, 2013

I check the Gilroy SC quite often and at different times of the day on various days of the week.

I see Teslas there. Three was the most, more often just one. I would say 90% of the time I see them they are empty.

Yes, I do believe that it does occasionally fill up. But my guess is that this is on weekends for the SF to Monterey or LA crowd.

Would not raise alarms yet. Also, out of deperation, there is a charger about 50 feet away - not sure if it is free - but level 2.

george210 | February 24, 2013

wait 'til the "Gilroy Garlic Festival" 7/26/13,7/27/13 & 7/28/13 --there'll be a lot of use of the superchchargers then.

cm on Tesla put superchargers closer to San Francisco/San Jose. My wife has "range anxiety" and doesn't want to finalize her 85 kWh MS because she's afraid of getting stuck..

Vawlkus | February 24, 2013

If you want it so bad George, go do it. Find a spot for it, negotiate with the owner for the land, get it zoned for commercial use, and strong arm the utility company into providing the hookups, and Tesla will be happy to pass the information on to Solar City for consideration.