Supercharger at JFK

Supercharger at JFK

In case you haven't seen this:

Mathew98 | November 26, 2013

Nice. It's a 10 - 15 minutes detour off I-495. It's far enough from the metro NYC area (45 mins) to deter daily commuters from using it.

Once the cabbies or limo drivers smarten up and buy S85's for service, then they can start free loading on a regular basis.

TM still needs to put SC's in either NJ or PA area, however.

kalel65 | November 26, 2013

Rumor one to be built at Newark airport

dramingly | November 26, 2013

That's good news for New York and New Jersey. Both a bit off the beaten path for road trippers, unlike the ones in Connecticut. Maybe that's to deter commuters, which is just as well, I guess.

kalel65 | November 26, 2013

well, Newark is right off 95 so a little farther than in CT but not by much

howard | November 26, 2013

The JFK charger is up but not active.
Tesla has 2 New Jersey locations opening up this year.
Some people are pushing for syosset charger

tesla.mahedy | November 27, 2013


I can confirm that there will be a charger at the Syosset Service Center.

jp158 | November 27, 2013

Hoping the Syosset Service will be opened in December?
That will make it easier for Long Islanders...


Amagansett | November 28, 2013

Hampton613, where us Syosset service center? What exit number?

J.T. | November 28, 2013

Syosset Service status is still "Coming Soon" but it will likely be on Jericho Tpks (Route 25) off the Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway(Route 135) Exit 44n off the LIE I495.

tes-s | November 28, 2013

I think airports is a good idea - I might use JFK if I were picking someone up there.

I'm surprised they are doing airports now though - does not seem to enable distance travel. One can travel to the end of Long Island to/from the Darien supercharger (existing), Greenwich (in process), or Edison (in process).

The more the better, and I'll bet Sysosset and JFK get well used. But didn't Tesla state the first objective of superchargers was distance travel, and then metropolitan areas? On the other hand, no reason they can't walk and chew gum at the same time - building out the metropolitan areas and distance travel can be done at the same time.

J.T. | November 28, 2013

@tes-s JFK doesn't really help me at all, I live 10 minutes from the airport but I can see someone from Soth Jersey or PA coming to the Big Apple, and wanting to stop and drive around without worrying about where to charge. Then they can charge up and continue to New England through CT or head back and have a full tank for sightseeing in the Poconos or something.

Just getting from here to there is great, but being to drive around knowing that it won't take hours of time from your trip to charge up is even better.

J.T. | November 28, 2013

being able

moorelin | November 28, 2013

Guessing that this could be a more general plan for Airport Plazas Co. Would be really great if so - check out their current and future airports list.

Where would it make sense for a consumer business to invest the supercharger $$ themselves to attract Tesla customers? Could selling superchargers be a business opportunity for TSLA?

tes-s | November 28, 2013

Yep, I get that. I think that is the "most metropolitan areas" strategy, and very useful. Will also be a necessity for the 1 million people that live within 20 miles of JFK that live in apartments with no way to charge.

A charge at Edison or Darien, each less than 50 miles from NYC, should give travelers plenty of juice to get in and out of NYC. Boston, on the other hand, is a problem - can't travel from NY to Boston and back without charging in Boston.

I'm glad they are moving ahead with the metropolitan areas, while they work on catching up on enabling the travel routes.

Nicoletta | November 28, 2013

@tes-s, +1 on your apartment comment.

I think one of the big remaining issues for Tesla is how to make it easy for apartment/condo dwellers to charge. Also because the people that live in Manhattan would be the prime target market for Tesla if this issue can be solved. I have the same problem in Chicago, a SC at O'hare would be extremely useful. I hope Tesla is monitoring these forums.


moorelin | November 28, 2013

@Nicoletta - O'Hare is on the Airport Plaza "on the way" list. If they really follow this up, it will add lots of urban superchargers.

ordersmlf | November 28, 2013

Is there a confirmed list of where all the superchargers are and where new ones are being planned? The website is way out of date.

moorelin | November 28, 2013

(not sure if this is a joke)

might check out the superchargers CONFIRMED thread w >1000 posts

Brian H | November 28, 2013

Airports are special. Travellers or their rides may live some distance away.

J.T. | November 28, 2013

@Brian H Though not nearly as far as the terminals. :-)

Be warned, when you're at the JFK Supercharger technically you are in the airport but it's a big ass airport.

Long Island | December 1, 2013

Here are some pics of the not-yet-installed SC bays at JFK

tesla.mahedy | December 1, 2013


Check out

Forum member @BlueShift maintains it well. It has a lot of cool features.

@jtodtman Guess who finally has their car back!

SamO | December 1, 2013
tesla.mahedy | December 1, 2013


I lied... Its actually this:

J.T. | December 1, 2013


Great news. I'll be in touch after the 14th to get to get together.


JstACarGuy | December 1, 2013

The most convenient locations for Superchargers in NJ, IMO, would be at the service stations on the Turnpike. Since that seems to be problematic, I welcome the Newark airport SC. It would come in handy, for a quick juice up when starting on a trip after work from NYC. Of course, once we get more options, whatever is more convenient would be used.

So thanks, Airport Plazas!

paulfgoode | February 2, 2014

Disappointed in Syosset. Drove out there today only to find the parking lot of the service center closed. SC's will not be much use for weekend travel to Long Island. Also they are not located near 495 but about 2 miles away in an industrial park like area as opposed to a mall or welcome center spot. But if you need a top off during the work week its spot on!

SamO | February 2, 2014


The Superchargers are locked up at night?


paulfgoode | February 2, 2014

Apparently so. Service center closed on Sunday. I posted pix on twitter and plug share.

SamO | February 2, 2014

The link claims it is open 24 hours a day. I'm sure it was locked, but this is clearly not Tesla's intent.

robert_ferrara | February 2, 2014

someone must have made a mistake at syosset, i went there about 10pm on a Tuesday night and one gate was locked but the other was open.

wasn't the only S charging either so they know its used after hours

admittedly i would be beyond annoyed if i went there and couldn't charge

Brian H | February 2, 2014

If at first you're locked out, look and look for another way in!

paulfgoode | February 2, 2014

Both gates were closed so I did not get out of car to see if they could be pushed open. Saw no signs indicating how to proceed. Will call in the morning. The trip was just and excuse to go for a ride on the LIE so no worries. Just not what I expected.

J.T. | February 3, 2014

Just called Syosset, there was a cleaning crew in that closed the gate but it wasn't locked. The Superchargers are 24/7/365, 366LY.

paulfgoode | February 3, 2014

I called as well. Says wind must have blown the gate shut. Getting bungee cable to hold open. Good stuff.

SamO | February 3, 2014


Thank you for helping inoculate the herd from having the same issue in the future and thanks to Tesla for making sure it doesn't happen again.

tes-s | February 3, 2014

This may be a stupid question, but why have a gate if it is always open?

J.T. | February 3, 2014

@tes-s Why do the front doors at 7eleven have locks on them?

But really, the gate is probably vestigial from the former occupant of the property.