Supercharger Locations (existing/planned) - CONFIRMED - not rumored or speculated…

Supercharger Locations (existing/planned) - CONFIRMED - not rumored or speculated…

My intention with this thread to is offer confirmed (evidence based) information on existing and new supercharger locations. There are plenty of other threads offering speculation…

update - Dec. 19th, 2013
lots has changed since this post was originally started - I recommend looking at any of the other excellent posts that have taken up this quest…

this thread however should still be dedicated to factual tracking of potential/newly functional SC sites…

dortor | August 4, 2013

Thanks for the Yuma update - Ill update the SC map Sunday evening - I'm traveling with my tesla right now and don't remember my map password...

Tâm | August 4, 2013


I forgot to look up in the Tesla map. Thanks for narrowing the timeline.

Thanks for your hard work in collecting and updating the Supercharger Stations.

William9 | August 4, 2013

In looking at Google Earth, the selection of the Pivot Point Conference Center in Yuma seems odd. Besides a Hilton Garden Hotel there doesn't appear to be much else. And just a couple miles down I-8 is the Yuma Palms which has everything.

dortor | August 4, 2013

map is updated

instead of the 3:10 to Yuma - I guess it's the 400v @ 250 AMPs to Yuma…

tes-s | August 4, 2013

The Darien CT supercharger is between exits 12 and 13.

I'm surprised Tesla doesn't know where they put them. :)

Tâm | August 4, 2013


It's Wild Wild West, so what do you expect :)

Try to look up one of the very first Tesla charger, originally Roadster then now Supercharger--Harris Ranch: You are surrounded by cows, cows and cows. If you don't see them, you can smell them cows!!!! | August 4, 2013

The Silverthorne building permits appear updated to 7/30/13 now. Nothing looking like a Tesla permit....will check back & let you know if anything of interest pops up.

Benz | August 5, 2013

@ KevinR


terrencebilodeau | August 5, 2013

The supercharger between Dallas and Austin will be in Waco from what a sales rep told me.

Benz | August 6, 2013

I wonder if there will be any questions asked about the Supercharger network at the Conference Call tomorrow?

TheCheetahExpress | August 6, 2013

Some info about Texas;

Found this, sorry if it had already been posted. This is on the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations under electrical licensing as a service contract provider.

Also, somebody from TMC posted a sc is halfway done in one area and are breaking ground in the other. Waiting for further validation.

Benz | August 7, 2013


Benz | August 8, 2013


james babb | August 10, 2013

San Marcos Texas, at the San Marcos Premium Outlets, 3939 IH 35, San Marcos, TX. Confirmed by online permit system, permit #2013-13401.
Applicant: Pat Patrick, Description: Install 6 electric car charging stations for Tesla Vehicles.

cgiGuy | August 10, 2013

Nice find!

dortor | August 10, 2013

woot - map being updated now!

dortor | August 10, 2013

map updated with new location in San Marcos, TX

Tylyoung | August 10, 2013

There are pictures of the San Marcos TSCS's on TMC under the Texas supercharger thread. They look 99% complete. Amazing how they could install them without photos of early constructions etc.
I wonder when they started and how long it took them to complete? Great to see the middle of the country getting TSCS installed!!! Further west; I'm waiting for Arizona's first TSCS to begin construction and connected AZ to the west coast. I wonder too... about all the excitement to come when the two coasts are TSCS connected..... I hope Elon is there to throw the switch... kinda like the driving the final spike into the railroad tie of the 1st transcontinental railroad. I'd like to be there myself!

ThorensP | August 11, 2013

I know there is a lot of speculation about whether Tesla will complete all of the Superchargers they projected by "End of Summer 2013" or "End of Fall 2013". However, as I look at the map, so generously updated by Dorter, I am amazed and excited by Tesla's progress. They are building nothing less than an electric superhighway across the nation!

It wasn't that long ago that we had never heard of a Supercharger. Now look at all the SCs beginning to spread across major population centers. Not for the first time I am reminded that Tesla is remarkable in their ability to execute.

Bravo, to all those who are making this happen!

TrojanTesla | August 11, 2013

Here is written confirmation of the San Juan Capistrano location at Union Bank at 31971 Camino Capistrano.

On the permits page of the San Juan Capistrano website, the project number is AC13-027. The name is Tesla Charging Stations at Union Bank.

I found this under the Projects section, not the Permits section of the site. Application date 8/2/13. Approved on 8/8/13. This looks like it is an "Architectural Review" but does nail down the location.

dortor | August 11, 2013

map updated.

nickjhowe | August 11, 2013

Re the questions about whether TM will meet its goals on the build out...based on first hand information I know that within the last few months TM asked one of their VPs to take charge of the SC build out project. Quite a few folks were swapped out and a new level of focus created.

As I posted elsewhere they also backed out plans for solar and signage for this phase so as to concentrate on getting the core SC infrastructure built as fast as possible (by removing additional permitting requirements).

TM and their subcontractors are staffed to build faster than the permitting process is currently letting them. As long as they can get the city and county governments to get the permitting done they should be on track for the build out.

ian | August 11, 2013

Thanks nickjhowe I hadn't heard that they had put a VP on this task. It certainly makes sense though considering it's probably their best form of marketing.

riceuguy | August 11, 2013

One of the folks here in Austin spoke to the supercharger installation crew and the next three locations (3-5 weeks) appear to be Waco (NOT Temple), Columbus, and Huntsville.

riceuguy | August 11, 2013

For Texas, that is...

cgiGuy | August 12, 2013

Someone near (or driving through) Waco, should scope out BJs Brewhouse...

TheAustin | August 12, 2013

Any word on the New Jersey Supercharger? I originally heard from a Tesla service guy that it was going to be at the Thomas Edison Rest Area, but now I'm hearing that they have to be on private land...Does anyone have any good current intel on this?

Benz | August 12, 2013

Which of the 10 confirmed future Supercharger locations is most likely to go live in August 2013?

lammersc | August 12, 2013

Does anyone know what the slider at the bottom of the "Supercharger" implies? i.e. I assume "Summer-2013" implies they intend to install the supercharger locations by the end of Summer-2013 vs the beginning? Would this imply that the Winter-2012 superchargers were expected to go live sometime around March of 2014?

I would appreciate it if anyone has any insight into this.

Benz | August 12, 2013

@ lammersc

It implies that all the grey dots should be red dots by the end of the mentioned period (summer, fall, winter, 2014 and 2015).

And a grey dot becomes a red dot when the concerned Supercharger station goes live.

negarholger | August 12, 2013

Summer ends September 21 - 10 more to go till then.
The one I am waiting for is San Juan Capistrano - Thanksgiving in San Diego... possible without, but the SC would make it more convenient.

Benz | August 12, 2013

@ Kleist

OK, 10 more to go till the end of the summer (September 21st). How about 5 in the last 3 weeks of August and 5 in the first 3 weeks of September? Would that be possible?

tes-s | August 12, 2013

Actually, 11 more to go. Milford CT is counted as one red dot (same location, one on the northbound side and one southbound.

I think they are counting Darien CT as 2 since they are a few miles apart - one northbound, one southbound. Southbound service area is still under construction.

I hope they put the NJ SC at a rest area - one northbound and out southbound. The ones in CT are at rest areas on the highway.

tork | August 12, 2013

NJ won't allow proprietary tech at their rest stops so unless something changes, you won't be seeing them at a NJ rest stop anytime soon.

james babb | August 13, 2013

Columbus, Texas: Comfort Inn 2535 Highway 71 South

quoting Doug Gallarda from the TMC forum:

Stopped by Columbus just now. Confirmed Supercharger site in Comfort Inn parking lot on Texas Hwy 71 just South of I-10. Construction crew onsite with power company. They did not have ETA on completion. Area was marked with paint, but ground not yet broken. Mexican restaurant, Steakhouse and Sonic nearby.



dortor | August 13, 2013

will update the Columbus, TX location when I get home from work today…

Benz | August 13, 2013


dayoreo | August 13, 2013

It seems the Supercharger deployment is going slow........

mdemetri | August 13, 2013


Surprise, surprise it looks like a SC in Fremont; see

dortor | August 14, 2013

Texas and Fremont Factory locations are updated and on the map.

TheCheetahExpress | August 15, 2013

Update to Woodburn, OR Supercharger in this forum on tmc with exact location and pictures of the build;

Looks like 1-2 weeks until live!

dortor | August 15, 2013

Woodburn, OR map location updated

Texas "guesses" updated (Waco & Huntsville)

Columbus and San Marcos locations are up to date on the maps.

dortor | August 15, 2013

still have no details/guesses on Oxnard SC

dortor | August 15, 2013

hmmm - Huntsville makes no sense to me - it's outside the normal "range" of SC's (about 140 miles) - Dallas to Huntsville is ~170'ish miles - which given range loss is at the edge of a 60 kwh Model S

I know we have assertions about Huntsville - so it will remain on the map - but a distance of 140 makes more sense to me - and that would put it right in the middle of the Houston to Dallas run…

on a purely distance basis Buffalo or Fairfield makes more sense - ~100 miles from both Houston & Dallas - well within the range of a 60…

we'll see…

cgiGuy | August 15, 2013

But it matches Tesla's projection map pretty accurately. According to that, there should also be another one south of Dallas on I-45. Looks like the Corsicana area.

erici | August 15, 2013

"still have no details/guesses on Oxnard SC"

I've been hoping for Ventura, not Oxnard.

Oxnard is out of the way for some of the travelers. The vicinity of where the Ojai Fwy meets 101 would be ideal. There are a couple of shopping centers nearby.

If you are heading to Ojai from Atascadero, you don't want to have to drive down to Oxnard and then reverse course.

Benz | August 16, 2013

It looks that most of the Summer 2013 new Supercharger locations will go live in September.

dortor | August 16, 2013

Fremont Factory is now listed on Tesla's official supercharger page - and there is even a red dot for it…

heh - funny story - the two already functioning superchargers in Florida are listed as "red dots" in the today slider position - and grey dots in the in the Summer 2013 slider position.

guess they plan to decommission them ;-)

Brian H | August 16, 2013

Or massively upgrade them!

Benz | August 16, 2013

I think that the focus will be more on the new Supercharger locations. They will soon replace those grey dots for red dots in Florida.