SUPERCHARGER "By next month we’ll triple the coverage area.”

SUPERCHARGER "By next month we’ll triple the coverage area.”

SamO | May 29, 2013

A more detailed map will go out tomorrow, Musk says. “You’ll be able to drive all the way from LA to New York using the Supercharger network,” he says. I believe the target for that announcement was by next year.

riceuguy | May 29, 2013

“We had to make something that was really quick to charge. What we were going to announce tomorrow is that there is going to be a dramatic expansion of the Supercharger network. By next month we’ll triple the coverage area.”

hsadler | May 29, 2013

Next month is 2 days away - sure he means end of next month

riceuguy | May 29, 2013

One would assume anyway... :-)

SamO | May 29, 2013

Some could go live right away, others might be available by the end of June?

hsadler | May 29, 2013

Needs to quit saying "by"

"Have that report by 5" does not mean 5:59

mdemetri | May 29, 2013

So no step increase in supercharging from 90Kw to 120kw? If not, that is a big disappointment.

SamO | May 29, 2013

No announcement of speed increase. Yet.

riceuguy | May 29, 2013

This was just a teaser...full announcement is still tomorrow.

Mark Z | May 29, 2013

When I read "triple" and there are 8 locations now, then I would assume about 24 active locations by the end of next month.

I listened to the video and Elon does say, " the end of next month."

Robert22 | May 29, 2013

I seriously doubt that he spilled ALL the beans at d11. He's knows he'll get more bang for the buck tomorrow. I think this might be a teaser.

Robert22 | May 29, 2013

Sorry rice, I need to type faster ;)

jk2014 | May 29, 2013

24, yes, but he said "dramatic acceleration." That's key for tomorrow. How dramatic the acceleration will be important for many potential MS buyers on the fence right now (especially here in the US). A handful of people I know are not buying for range reasons. The extent of the network would change their mind in a very convincing manner. So much so they would put in an order soon after. Feel this might be indicative of the "second wave" of US buyers. Might have to revise this year's north american numbers again if this gets to up to 50+ by the beginning of Q4. More and more people will see the increased value proposition the MS offers. The lease program, continuous updates, and obvious performance coupled with zero gas/zero emissions... and now cross country travel for free, forever...

With a large network of superchargers, more and more people will spend greater amounts of money to purchase the MS, unlike they would ever do for traditional ICE. To me, this situation is similar to the iPhone. No one in their right mind would spend 200+ for a phone. Now, everyone does. Even my grandmother plunked down 300+ for an iPhone. Same effect will happen with the MS/MX/GenIII.

negarholger | May 29, 2013

8 to 24 I would consider that on plan. On this forum it would "Very good progress - big thank you".
For the press you could call it dramatic... because for people not living on theses forums 3x is dramatic.
24 may be an emotional letdown for some people here, but steady progress has also an enormous value.

Robert22 | May 29, 2013

I can see it coming now. Hey Uncle Rob, can we borrow your car for a trip to Disneyworld? It's free to drive right??

Benz | May 29, 2013

@ jk2014


I tell you that this situation is similar to the iPhone. At least it's looking like it's going to become similar to the iPhone. And that is great.

jk2014 | May 29, 2013

The first MS to travel from LA to NYC for free will be an incredible statement to consumers. Especially when the national average hits above 4.00 this summer for family road trips. Imagine the impact of seeing a $300+ gas bill go out the window in just one trip from LA to NYC. Could flip the lightbulb on mainstream America about Tesla automobiles.

Brian H | May 29, 2013

I can see it now, convoys of MSes trekking cross-continent ...

Vlnprof | May 30, 2013

"Triple the coverage area" could be more than triple the current # of SC. Will they be 100, 150, or 200 miles apart?

yobigd20 | May 30, 2013

@jk2014, $300+ gas bill? what are you driving? lol. it's 2800 miles. plus you gotta return. so 5600 miles. At 20mpg (my last 3 cars), that's 280 gallons required. @$4.00/gallon that's $1120 saved, not $300. Big difference...

Benz | May 30, 2013

I have got a question here.

"Triple the coverage area", that would be just in the US, OK?

Because in Europe there is no Supercharger yet, so there is nothing that you could triple.

So, now there are 8 Superchargers in the US, that will be trippled, and that number will become 24 (3x8=24) by the end of June 2013. But those extra new 16 Superchargers will be located somewhere in the US (by the end of June 2013), right?

But I hope that Europe (and also Asia) will get some Supercharger news as well today. That would be fair. Don't you think?

Norbert.Vienna | May 30, 2013

there are already talks going on that 3rd party will in accorance with TM work on a SC network for Europe...just to come as soon as possible
TM is for sure advised to bring SC to Europe in a multiple number
so to sell their products here in higher quantity

Benz | May 30, 2013

@ Norbert.Vienna

Those are just rumours, which I don't believe.

I personally think that Tesla Motors should not get involved with a third party, unless they really have to. I think that Tesla Motors can and must manage on their own. Nobody else exept Tesla Motors should have a say in the Supercharger Network. In the (very) long term this could cause some problems for Tesla Motors (if a third party would be involved). You may think that I am being naive, but that's my personal opinion.

Whity Whiteman | May 30, 2013

but it could be mercedes - watch out for B-Class EV etc.

TheAustin | May 30, 2013

I have a feelingly that the New Jersey Supercharger will be located in a deliciously ironic location...Let's see what happens after the announcement is made :)

J.T. | May 30, 2013

There are actually nine superchargers, so the new total would be 27.

Benz | May 30, 2013

As far as I know there are currently only 8 Superchargers in the US. Have a look at this (I see only 8 red dots on the map):

The Milford Supercharger is mentioned twice though, could that be the cause of the confusion?

TheAustin | May 30, 2013

Technically, there are two in Milford, one on either side of the highway. So, for the sake of semantics, there are 9 supercharges, in 8 different locations (where location = towns/cities).

Benz | May 30, 2013

I did not know that. So, there are two separate Superchargers in Milford.

And can we say that those two separate Superchargers in Milford cover the same geographic area (as they are so close to each other)?

And actually the covered area by Superchargers is being trippled, not the number of Superchargers. Would that be correct?

J.T. | May 30, 2013

I think you meant tripppled.

Anyway, since Teasla counts Milford as two and boasts 9 superchargers (regrdless of location) then if they triple it they will be adding 18 superchargers.

Benz | May 30, 2013

Let's not argue about it and just wait and see what really is revealed, my friend. We just might both be wrong, you never can know for sure until it has been unveiled.

Cheers mate

rd2 | May 30, 2013

Anyone know when the announcement is today?

Bryan M. | May 30, 2013

10:30am west coast 1:30pm east coast

rd2 | May 30, 2013


george210 | May 30, 2013

from D11 5/29/13

The announcement: There’s going to be a dramatic acceleration of the Supercharging network. It’ll be tripled. We’ll put the map live tomorrow. (5/30/13)
You’ll be able to drive from LA to New York just using the Supercharger network.
We’ll be both increasing the density and the scope of the network.
Since Tesla software updates automatically, the maps will be pushed automatically in the car and you’ll be rerouted to a Supercharger from wherever you are.

Benz | May 30, 2013

There will be some form of a surprise as well.

bobrode | May 30, 2013

Just being selfish here but please, please, please put Superchargers between Portland, Salt Lake City, and on to Chicago via I-84 and I-80!!

hsadler | May 30, 2013

Seattle to Key West
Bangor to San Diego

just sayin'

dbfish | May 30, 2013

This Model S owner upgraded to Firmware 4.5 and this morning posted a photo of a cross country row of Supercharger locations on his touchscreen map!

dbfish | May 30, 2013

CORRECTION - Those are actually markers of where he charged, NOT SUPERCHARGERS. SORRY FOLKS! MY MISTAKE!

jk2014 | May 30, 2013

Hsadler-- those routes make an x by the way.... Just sayin'

evpro | May 30, 2013

If I were the head of Starbucks (or a national restaurant chain)I would immediately enter a partnership with Tesla/Solar City to build Superchargers adjacent to key store sites (about 120 miles apart).

Aside from solving the >250 mile road trip problem, SC's are a huge (and relatively inexpensive, compared to advertising) marketing plus.

Imagine the advantage an ICE auto company would have if it could offer a network of "free gas" stations.

shop | May 30, 2013

That's so cool that the new software shows you all the past charging stations you have visited!

shop | May 30, 2013

I agree about the Starbucks idea - but the problem is that Starbucks doesn't typically own its own parking spaces - they lease all that from the mall/leaseholder. A large deal needs to be made with people that own the malls.

Brian H | May 30, 2013

Area does not equal SC numbers. Roughly proportional, but there are many different geometries possible.

DouglasR | May 30, 2013


No, but Elon has now expressly said "numbers." I counted the dots on the map, and it shows eight locations now, eighteen more by the end of June. That approximately triples the number.

Brian H | May 30, 2013

Yeah, the distribution works out pretty well, though clustered SCs service a lesser area than max-spread ones. I wonder what the sq. mi. works out to.