Supercharger Overdrive

Supercharger Overdrive

While charging at the Jack Northrop Airport supercharger, I found that it charged 47 kWh. That's more than half charge on a 85 kWh battery. While it started at 225A 320v, it soon went to 360v so the half charge came quickly as advertised, circa 30 min. However, I got an additional 5 kWh but at a reduced rate, 350v 80A. Still, that is faster than I charge at home.

jerry3 | November 11, 2012

You can see from the "Charging the Model S" video that charging always starts out slow and then increases.

Brian H | November 11, 2012

That's just J1772, and it only takes a few seconds to come up to (slow) speed. Probl'y handshaking stuff.

jerry3 | November 12, 2012


Watch the 14-50 with UMC video too (same site). It ramps up slowly as well.