SuperCharger Power Stations Blocked at Hawthorne - Bad Planning

SuperCharger Power Stations Blocked at Hawthorne - Bad Planning

Rolled into Hawthorne yesterday on my way back to Pasadena from San Diego - I needed to top off to get home so I detoured to the Hawthorne supercharger station. They were setting up for a SpaceX holiday party and all of the bays were blocked by fake x-mas trees and a giant red plastic tunnel-of-love. Where's the love here? I had to move ramps, very heavy flocked plastic trees etc. To get the vital juice needed to power me home.

Another owner was also there struggling with the mess too. And another came as I was leaving. This is very bad planning on the part of Tesla/SpaceX. Owners rely on the charging network and need to be assured that these stations will be available along a planned route. If I had come a few hours later, I would have been turned away. And stranded.

Fredhmartin | December 16, 2012

That is unbelievably bad.

shop | December 16, 2012

Sounds like a memo needs to be sent to Tesla/SpaceX employees informing them that people actually use the superchargers!!!

Lou in SoCal | December 16, 2012

Completely agree. That's unacceptable.

Brian H | December 16, 2012

Once people start thinking "Party!", all bets are off ...

Tâm | December 16, 2012

Did they just watched the 2012 party movie Project X?