Supercharger seems too full Raleigh NC

Supercharger seems too full Raleigh NC

Stopped at the Raleigh supercharger yesterday, 1/13/19. There was 1 stall available out of 12, so I was fortunate to squeeze in just in time. I arrived at 1:30ish and left at 3:00PM. When I left, there were two stalls open and available. From the time I was charging, it remained pretty much full. I was extremely surprised since it was on a Sunday, and the weather was cold and raining. Not the best day to be out at a shopping mall or strip. There was a very even 33/33/33 % fill among Tesla Models. This supercharger is normally pretty full, but on this day I was not expecting it to be like that.

This is unacceptable. If another charger isn't installed somewhere quickly, having to wait to charge you car will become the norm in Raleigh. It is completely unacceptable and I hope Tesla see's the data that the Raleigh supercharger is staying full.

Not seeing another Raleigh Supercharger this year concerns me. I highly doubt the one going up in Durham will alleviate the strain. Tesla really needs to 10x the current capacity. If there are currently 3k in the usa, going to 10,000 or a 3x increase will cost 1.4 billion dollars. I don't see that as being unreachable.

What are you all experiencing thus far?

Magic 8 Ball | January 14, 2019

The stations, being at capacity is perfectly acceptable and desired. It is a waste when they are empty.

Feel free to rant about what is or is not acceptable tho' that is what this rant forum is all about.

mabuck | January 14, 2019

@Magic 8 Ball, have you had to wait 30 minutes for a spot yet? If not, then you wouldn't understand. While it is acceptable during peak hours, during off peak, it is not acceptable. Not a rant, but a fact.

The wait to charge is already 30 minutes to 1 hr. Unless they can push 200kw through the same stall, I see this as being a problem moving forward.

gmr6415 | January 14, 2019

The new supercharger in Jacksonville, FL has a 40 minute charging limit. It's not automatically limited, but every stall has a sign on it.

gmr6415 | January 14, 2019

I would assume that only applies when it is full.

Magic 8 Ball | January 14, 2019

@mabuck I have already suggest a solution in the form of a reservation system or automated queue system. Unfortunately I have to wait in line to get gas at my favorite gas station sometimes, as well.

The OP got a stall right away and still manages to complain.

There is a build out plan and they are quite active in building superchargers. Someone posted a list, a while back, showing build status, permit status, etc. of all upcoming superchargers and there are a lot of recent dates in the list.

Magic 8 Ball | January 14, 2019
jerrykham | January 14, 2019

So why were you there for an hour and a half? Seems like you were adding to the problem. I can't think of a time - even on a long road trip - where I have charged for more than 45 minutes. I guess we can welcome Raleigh to being full all the time like many California chargers.

mabuck | January 14, 2019

I have no superchargers anywhere close for my trip back to my hometown, 150 miles away at the beach. It was cold and raining, so my WH/MI were 390. or roughly a 50% range drop. I had to get a 100% charge in order to finish my errands and make it back home. How can tesla limit me to 40 minutes max when I would run out of charge on the way home? It's not my fault they made a car that gets terrible winter range...

I would be fine with a reservations system, I like that idea Magic 8 Ball. I have been to superchargers during peak hours i.e. santee SC where I had to wait. Raleigh is going to be that way very soon.

howard | January 14, 2019

The few times I have tried Park Meadows Mall in South Denver it has been full with Tesla's blocking most of the neighboring parking lot isles making a real mess of things. It nearly got me in trouble till I found one of the level two pay spots which were not full. I make sure I don't ever need to use it.

hokiegir1 | January 14, 2019

Sundays are generally busy travel days -- and with new college semesters starting (so parents dropping kids off at school, then going home), this was probably a busier weekend than normal in the "Research triangle" area, where a few colleges reside.

That said, do you not have access to L2 charging anywhere? I understand some people live in apartments/townhouses and can't install, but you should still be able to find a slower charger that might be less congested for a period of time. Also, maybe look at charging during off-peak hours (so, not the middle of the day on a sunday when travellers are trying to get home) if the supercharger is the best option.

Magic 8 Ball | January 14, 2019

Standby for the reservation haters (there was a long thread on this).
What is your fault is your false understanding and expectations based on that false understanding.

mabuck | January 14, 2019

Also, I had a 20mph headwind yesterday. Probably the worst driving conditions possible.

mabuck | January 14, 2019

I didn't look for L2, that's fine if you're going to stop for a few hours but now you asking me to spend another hour minimum charging out of my way to do a trip. L2 is mainly for destination charging, not interstate travel, and really is a last resort measure as I see it.

mabuck | January 14, 2019

It would of been quicker for me to drive down to the Wallace NC supercharger, about 60 miles out of the way, and supercharge again vs stop at an L2. They're just not practical on time-sensitive interstate travel.

amitdesai | January 14, 2019

The Raleigh SC is not on one of the highways that is used for long distance travel. So most people charging there should ideally be charging at home. Seems many in Raleigh area want to use SC once/twice a week instead of installing a level-2 charger at home.

mabuck | January 14, 2019

@amitdesai I agree. It is sad how full it was especially given the conditions. I would love to know how many were charging that were locals with charging at home.

howard | January 14, 2019

Lets face it there is going to be more and more demand on the current Supercharger locations. Tesla just doubled the amount of cars with just last years production alone. It is going to get really busy at all locations. It would be nice to know when you put directions in for a SC that you are aware of how full it is, if there is a wait, what number you are in line and how long till your spot is available. This will allow for less stress for all. Maybe slow down, plan a detour or look for other options. I am all for it.

mabuck | January 14, 2019

@Howard Agree. It will get much worse before it improves looking at their current expansion plan. It is simply not enough in the NC area.

007bond | January 14, 2019

I used that charger a few times when on vacation and it seems never over half full. Do note that for whatever reason the NC Superchargers do not charge you so they are seemingly free to all. I would suspect that would be a reason that locals would charge there and not at home. Also the charger is in a mall so you go to the mall to get some items and top off your charge for free. I would think that is a very good reason that this place is busy.

Magic 8 Ball | January 14, 2019

I suggest getting over the "not for locals" idea of supercharging. That mentality will not be healthy for anyone and we don't need to be arguing over whether or not someone should be at an SC, especially while at an SC station. The masses do not read these forums and are unaware of any "etiquette" discussed here.

howard | January 14, 2019

A lot of Tesla owners have free Supercharging privileges. Sorry, but they will take advantage as gifted.

David N | January 14, 2019

Tesla does monitor the SC and will make changes as necessary, unfortunately it does take time and the changes usually are not fast enough for those in the particular area of concern but Tesla will address the issue. Customer concerns have always been important to Tesla/Elon. A bit of patience will be needed.

hokiegir1 | January 14, 2019

@mabuck -I misunderstood your initial post and thought you were "local" and charging at the supercharger, hence the L2 or off-peak time recommendation (for example, Monday during the afternoon commute/dinner hours will likely be less busy than sunday at 1:30pm). As I said, I do understand that there are some people that can't have home charger and will need a supercharger regularly, but I think most of them do look for off-peak times when possible. You did say in a later post that you were staying somewhere far from the supercharger -- perhaps plugging in while there (even to a 120 outlet) would have given you a little more buffer and reduced the time you needed to charge, though some of that was impacted by full-ness of the stations. As I said, this was likely just a heavy travel weekend for that area with colleges getting back in session for the spring semester and may not be reflective of normal use (I haven't been to that one yet, so I can't say for sure).

mabuck | January 14, 2019

I do believe the pay per use system will help strain on the current superchargers and shy away the locals. When paying for supercharging takes full effect, I think you will see people stop abusing the charger. Not that I have any proof of that. Also, paying for charging pays for the supercharger costs thus we should see a faster spread of them over time. I have no problem paying, so long as they aren't always full or full on off peak hours.

mabuck | January 14, 2019

@hokiegir1, no problem. I was almost full when I left for Raleigh that morning with 287 miles. I arrived to Raleigh with 67 miles left roughly. I was amazed at the range drop, at the start told me I would have 45% range left then went all the way down to somewhere around 26%. Crazy off lol.

And with results like that above, it is no wonder people like I are spending 1hr+ at a charger in winter time conditions. You have to in order to account for the 30%-40% range reduction. I'm not complaining, but that is the real world that I am experiencing. If I got the full 310, I would of only had to stop and charge for 20-30 minutes max.

tdtdurham | January 14, 2019

I stopped at this supercharger Sat 12 Jan 2019 about 5:15pm and it was 10-12 cars the whole time. Going from Durham back to Maryland. The charge rate was not fast with all the cars; only got 65kw. It's also in the travel lane; so traffic must stop for you to back in. There also are 2 level 2 charges at the end that have other cars plugged in most of the time. They do need to build the one in Durham and one in Chapel Hill. Cold and rainy took a hit on range.

ewd7 | January 14, 2019

I've been to that one at Target in Raleigh several times, it's been full but I charged up all the same, shopped at Target, didn't have to wait at all for a stall, was a great experience.

mabuck | January 14, 2019

Glad you two have both seen it full, as this is definitely a problem and I'm not the only one.

mabuck | January 14, 2019

It seemed to me that supercharger was full all day from 12 until about 7-8pm. I kept checking on it on my app.

ewd7 | January 14, 2019

I would say it is frequently at capacity but cars were flowing so that's a good thing, not like there was a line or anything

Magic 8 Ball | January 14, 2019

At capacity, with no line, is optimizing the resource.

I am not understanding why people feel the superchargers should always have empty stalls, is this part of some contract?

SalisburySam | January 14, 2019

@mabuck, help me understand your SuperCharger experience better. You connected with no wait, got your vehicle charged to the limit you wanted, it cost you nothing, when you left there were multiple available stalls, and this is all unacceptable. OK, pretty sure I got it.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | January 14, 2019

Project one or two years into the future when there are twice as many Teslas on the road. How will that Supercharger look then? Just thinking logically, here. Not railing against Tesla.

jimglas | January 14, 2019

EM has said Tesla expects to double #SC in next two years

Bighorn | January 14, 2019

Thousands of supercharges including multiple visits to most NC chargers and never a 30 minute wait. Good carma I guess. Assuming a growing population of cars and static SC builds is silly, but prevalent thinking for 5 years now.

mabuck | January 14, 2019

My experience was fine, nonetheless. What I am preaching about is the Tesla future map not showing any additional chargers going up in the Raleigh area. With an expected 300-500k deliveries this year for Tesla, the one in Raleigh, specifically, will be strained with a constant wait. I’ve already had to wait at Santee SC, which seems to stay constantly full. Everyone thinking a 90-100% full supercharger is “OK” clearly can’t see the forest through the trees especially when Tesla has no plans of expanding the Raleigh market.

jjgunn | January 14, 2019

mabuck | January 14, 2019
@Magic 8 Ball, have you had to wait 30 minutes for a spot yet?
I have...when I was in Vegas. Had to wait about 45 minutes. Tesla needs a Kettleman City style facility in Vegas.

I live in the Bay Area & I promise you the SuCh's here in CA are full most of the day.

Shockingly, I rarely wait in line.... I wonder why that is... Perhaps charging in the middle of the day isn't a good idea? Heaven forbid Tesla inconveniences you with charging after 11 PM.

90% of Tesla customers charge their vehicles at the worst time of day. Be part of the 10%.

Patrick | January 14, 2019

We hit the Raleigh supercharger twice during our recent visit to the area. On the first visit (weekend afternoon) we took the last open stall. On the second visit (weekday before 10am) we saw 8-9 open stalls on arrival but only 2-3 open when we left an hour or so later.

It's definitely a busy location, and I'll will admit a bit of surprise at the demand as it's tucked away in a relatively cramped location in the back of the North Hills shopping center on the inner loop vs. outer loop. Watch out for rude drivers looking for parking spaces in that part of the lot... A line of cars waiting to charge at this location would be inconvenient to say the least, and a potential safety issue as well.

Our experience wasn't unacceptable by any means. That said, given the growth rate of new Tesla deliveries it may not be long before capacity there becomes a real concern. One would assume/hope that Tesla is monitoring the utilization here and planning their next Raleigh charging center in a better location...

mabuck | January 14, 2019

jjgun, what a freaking stupid answer. Ok, so now when ever I need to run arrands in raleigh I have to get there at 9:00pm at night when every thing is closed?

Give me a break. Arguing over full chargers being acceptable is laughable. There is no argument. It is unacceptable and poor planning on Tesla’s part.

jimglas | January 14, 2019

If only the Tesla SC network was as good as the other EVs networks

Magic 8 Ball | January 14, 2019

The story of the entitled all summed up here.

How did anyone get the expectation that there will always be a stall free for their use anytime they wish?

mabuck | January 14, 2019

There is going to be an I told you so moment at certain Superchargers on the east coast. You show up and there are 5-6 waiting in line. That’s gonna be awesome!

mabuck | January 14, 2019

Hey honey, sorry, can’t take the Tesla today unless you don’t mind waiting in line to charge at Raleigh. Gotta take the Chrysler. LOL. Just imagine if all gas pumps were a 30-45 minute wait. The fact people rationalize this as being ok is just downright sad.

I’m just advocating for the acceleration of sustainable transportation. More Superchargers will accelerate that =D.

PhillyGal | January 14, 2019

Contact your state legislators about installing level 3 charging at highway rest stops. Tesla is still the only game it town taking it seriously, but they can't be expected to cover every situation, every day, in all states.

terry.k.morrow | January 14, 2019

Its worth noting that sometimes Tesla (per the navigation and the tesla go anywhere website) occasionally do recommend a 60 minute charge. So it troubles me to think 1) they're limiting to 45 minutes at some chargers and 2) that some of our fellow tesla owners seem really adamant that one not need to charge for 60 minutes at a supercharger.
I have an upcoming road trip (spring break) where I'll be traveling from southwest Michigan to the outer banks /NC and the last stop in Glen Allen, VA is scheduled to be 60 minutes per Tesla.

mabuck | January 14, 2019

I have contacted Tesla to offer land for a supercharger near a major highway, no answer yet. Maybe I will do that.

draymond | January 14, 2019

This is a great topic. I, too, am curious how the supercharger issue will play out. The current network seems pretty good overall but with the growing number of Teslas on the road (I am seeing Model 3s everywhere now) an aggressive expansion plan will be needed. I agree it is unsustainable for locals to use superchargers for daily charging. Therefore it is crucial that Tesla eliminates free unlimited lifetime supercharging.

The supercharger location that is important to me is the one in Silverthorne, CO. That's the one that people in the Denver area need to use when they take trips to ski at Keystone/A-Basin/Breckenridge/Copper/Vail/BeaverCreak/etc. I haven't had to wait in line yet but it is very busy and one of the stalls was out of service last time I was there. I can see it becoming a problem.

Magic 8 Ball | January 14, 2019

We have free unlimited SC with our P3D "stealth". We rarely use the Supercharger since we charge at home. Why would anyone go out of their way to supercharge, even if it is free, to save $10? What is your time worth?

jimglas | January 14, 2019

Precisely @M8B. I have FUSC on both my cars. Other than making sure they both "worked", the only time I SC is on the one day per week I work out of town and have to. Garage charging is invisible and virtually free.

jordanrichard | January 14, 2019

OMG!!! here we go again with the logic that the sky is falling because Tesla doesn't have enough chargers......You are comparing the existing number of chargers to a future number of Tesla's on the road. Yes, if Tesla were to stop where they are with the network, it would be an issue, but they are not.

We have been to the Raleigh charger a number of times and I will agree it is awfully busy, but I have never needed to wait. As it has been said, Tesla knows exactly how busy each and every site is. They will either find another location to build a new site or expand an existing one. At the Newark DE rest area there were 4 superchargers, right near the entrance to the building. Those were replaced by 12 chargers set up further down the way in the parking lot. Tesla also built SC sites not at just 1 but both rest areas in Maryland on RT 95. They have the usage data, they will fix the problem.

Just try to refrain from demanding Tesla FIX THIS NOW, like it's that easy and that they must be made aware of this problem that only us owners are seeing.