Supercharging transfer

Supercharging transfer

Would appreciate some input on this:

I owned a Model S with supercharging for life. Attached to the VIN , so not part of the referral program.

Purchased a Model X form a 3rd party dealer. I traded in my S

PRIOR to trading the car, I contacted Tesla Customer Service. They wrote back to me saying that the VIN of my S can have its supercharging transferred to my new X. This is clearly stated in an email from Customer Service.

After the purchase , I emailed Tesla the documentation and they state that their email was an error and was a result of a misinformed Agent.

I sold my S for less because the supercharging was going to be transferred.
I rely heavily on supercharging, so I will have to pay out of pocket for many years to come...

Any thoughts?
Should I pursue this?
Whom and how should I contact senior leadership at Tesla?

EVRider | February 7, 2019

You were misinformed. Supercharging for life goes with the car, not the owner. Free supercharging has never been associated with the owner, in all variations of free supercharging that were offered as part of referral programs or otherwise.

Since you have something in writing, you can try escalating -- use the support form on the Model X vehicle details page on My Tesla and choose the option to escalate for executive review. I wouldn't get my hopes up, but doesn't hurt to try.

rxlawdude | February 7, 2019

Any statements, oral or otherwise, other than the signed Vehicle Purchase Agreement, are specifically not binding on Tesla.

Unfortunately, they have a lot of employees that talk out of their butts.

tes-s | February 7, 2019

Seems you have been an owner for a while - it is too bad you only just discovered the forums. We would have told you that was not possible.

It is a shame that they gave you bad information, and this would not be the first time. Can you copy and paste the email exchange? Perhaps it will save the next person from a simlar disappointment.

EVRider | February 7, 2019

It's also odd that anyone from Tesla would think they could remove free supercharging from a car that has free supercharging for life, unless it's an older Model S where free supercharging was optional. What year was your Model S?

akikiki | February 7, 2019

Yes, to what EVRider said, and rxlawdude said and what tes-s said.

OP, didn't the Supercharging section of your My Account state this?

You have free, unlimited Supercharging for your current Tesla. If you choose to sell your current Tesla, free Supercharging will transfer to the next owner. Read our Supercharging terms.

irshadkas | February 7, 2019


Thank you for contacting Tesla! Unfortunately, I am not able to provide any details of a vehicle to anybody except the owner that is listed on the account. I recommend reaching out to the seller to reach out to us to confirm this information.

As far as your unlimited supercharging on your Model S, it does depend on when the vehicle was manufactured, if the supercharging is transferred when you change a vehicle. If you provide me with the VIN I would be happy to research that for you.

Best Regards,

Bryce | Tesla Support


Thank you for the information. It looks like the Model S you are trading in is valid with an ownership change. Which means once the new Tesla is transferred to your name, you should have free unlimited Supercharging.

Best Regards,

Bryce | Tesla Support

irshadkas | February 7, 2019

Clearly he was wrong. I heard that TESLA was considering attaching free supercharging to owners as opposed to Vehicles. So I sent this email and was surprised, but really excited. They seemed pretty certain that it was transferable

irshadkas | February 7, 2019

Supercharging rules are constantly changing. I am not sure whether my original purchase agreement for 2015 included specifically rules about supercharging

irshadkas | February 7, 2019

The purchase agreement does not mention supercharging at all

akillam | February 7, 2019

I was surprised to find charges on my credit card for supercharging after I had been told I would have free supercharging for three years on my new ModelS P100D (prior Tesla 2014 Model S 85). This after paying in full for new car 12/18/18, Tesla “losing” my new car, no delivery until January 2019, no follow up from Tesla, no contact regarding $3750 in lost tax credit, no Tesla numbers or staff for problems about delivered cars, multiple phone calls, a visit to my local show room, etc. WITH THIS KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE I WOULD NEVER BUY THIS CAR AGAIN. CAVEAT EMPTOR. ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR $150,000 (+ OR -) YOU MIGHT AS WELL DISAPPEAR.

inconel | February 7, 2019

I thought Tesla would cover the $3750 loss if they promised but could not deliver your car by 12/31/2018?

akikiki | February 7, 2019

irshadkas | February 7, 2019

"... I heard that TESLA was considering attaching free supercharging to owners as opposed to Vehicles...."

Respectfully, you heard this where? People here are most knowledgeable regarding latest Tesla news, and its not been reported or repeated here. Wishing don't make it true.

"irshadkas | February 7, 2019

Supercharging rules are constantly changing. I am not sure whether my original purchase agreement for 2015 included specifically rules about supercharging"

No they are not constantly changing. There's been one change. Changed from Unlimited for car to Limited and Pay for the car.

inconel | February 8, 2019

The only time I heard about free supercharging attached to owners was in this forum, from us wishful owners who hoped to be granted a lifetime privilege by Tesla :)

tes-s | February 8, 2019

Sort of hard to decipher the email exchange with just one side of the emails posted.

Seems he said you would have to talk to the seller to find out about supercharging on the vehicle you are purchasing. Supercharging on your car (the VIN provided) would transfer the new owner.

Yes, the email was confusing. But since supercharging has always been linked to a vehicle and not an owner, perhaps he misunderstood the question you asked. An unfortunate misunderstanding. The red flag to you was his telling you to reach out to the seller - that is the correct answer about how to find out if you will have free supercharging on that vehicle.

Your "my tesla" page likely had the correct information, just like akikiki posted. Mine says the same thing:
You have free, unlimited Supercharging for your current Tesla. If you choose to sell your current Tesla, free Supercharging will transfer to the next owner. Read our Supercharging terms.

My input is if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...

Customer service representatives make mistakes all the time. Pursue it with Tesla - I think you'll get an apology for the misunderstanding, and a thank you for bringing it to their attention so they can educate the CSR. If you think a CSR email is a contract, or in any way legally binding on a company, I believe you are mistaken.

irshadkas | February 8, 2019

Fair enough everyone....thanks fro everyone's input

Boonedocks | February 8, 2019

And for some of us it reads:

You have free, unlimited Supercharging for your current Tesla vehicle. If you choose to sell your current Tesla, free Supercharging will not transfer to the next owner.

So supercharging on my car is attached to me and not the car. I think that saying it’s attached to the owner got misconstrued over time.

stevenmaifert | February 8, 2019

There were several referral periods where the FUSC was assigned to the owner and not the car, but it was never transferable:

"Free unlimited Supercharging will only apply to the original vehicle owner and only for the duration of original vehicle ownership."

tes-s | February 8, 2019

They may have expressed it that way, but I assure you it was assigned to the vehicle. Do you think they have any idea who brought the vehicle to a supercharger??

EVRider | February 8, 2019

@tes-s: Sure, for cars that have free supercharging for the original owner only, anyone driving the car while owned by that person get free supercharging too, but free supercharging ends once the car transfers ownership.

SoCal Buzz | February 8, 2019

@akillam, you should be able to fix the free Supercharging issue by escalating to support. Tesla had some issues with proper account setup last year when people transitioned from an old to new car. If you self-referred, you might also have missed your Award. Finally, per @inconel you probably also have a claim for the $3,750 miss, given Elon announced support if Tesla missed December delivery. Escalate and ask for help.

p.c.mcavoy | February 8, 2019

Tesla waffled around on a few times coming out of 2016 and into 2017 on supercharging terms. There was a period in there that for owners who had purchased cars before end of 2016, or what then became the Jan 15, 2017 order cut-off where the statement was something like "you have free unlimited supercharging on your current MS and any new Model S/X that you purchase". It wasn't too long before that statement ended up getting modified to be any new Model S/X that you purchased before what I think was the end of 2017. I think it was that statement which first showed up without any date limitation which is what may have set an expectation with some of legacy owners should be able to continue to get free supercharging.

Now even if that language, without an end date, had persisted and still was in place it would not have applied to the OP's case where they purchased a what I interpret as a used vehicle given the third party dealer reference.

Oh and Akikiki - I'm baffled by your statement that there has only been 1 change by Tesla in supercharging terms. I respectfully must disagree given the change from unlimited for life that stayed with the car, to 400 kW annual with no unlimited option, to the reinstatement of unlimited on a new purchase with referral but not transferring to second owner, to 3 months (or 6 with referral), to now no referral but 9 months if you don't take a test drive. Oh, and that's just the iterations I can recall off the top of the my head in the last two years.

akikiki | February 8, 2019

p.c., yes you are correct. I should have said, as it pertains to unlimited supercharging. You are correct. :)
thanks for catching that. There were multiple times with dates that we were told unlimited would cease, then it was extended for another duration. When I was saying once, I was dismissing those dated stops then restarts/never stopped as not a change, because they continued until 1 QTR '17.

plusplusjames | February 11, 2019

I am waiting for FUSC to change again so that legacy owners can sell/trade-in their old Esses for new ones with FUSC. I am prepared to wait a very long time since my legacy green Ess is still kicking ass!

inconel | February 11, 2019

I think the value of FUSC privilege and its transferability will be greatly reduced with higher Supercharging speed. Legacy cars can charge for free at 120kWh whereas newer cars without FUSC can charge at twice or triple that speed.

irshadkas | February 22, 2019

just an update. Tesla has updated the coding on my Model X and is honoring their promise of free unlimited supercharging.
A classy move from an awesome company.

Bighorn | February 22, 2019

That’s sweet but I’m pretty sure that transferability offer had a deadline which has long since passed.

plusplusjames | February 22, 2019

Great move by Tesla! Congrats!