Superior service experience

Superior service experience

Since there have been a few posts about disappointing service experiences, I'd like to report one that I think is more typical. I took my S85 into the Watertown, MA service center last week for a few minor issues:

1. A minor interior finish issue
2. The driver-side mirror occasionally wouldn't return to the normal position after shifting from reverse to drive
3. I was getting an occasional TPMS dashboard warning
4. I was hearing a speed-related whine from the rear; a recent noise that seemed to be getting louder with time
5. I was hearing a popping or cracking noise in the steering column

I scheduled the appointment with the eternally cheerful and helpful Kaitlyn (a recent hire, and a star!). During the scheduling call she checked my service record and said they would replace the 12-volt battery while they had the car -- no problem with the battery, but she said they had some issues with some batteries, so as a precaution they'd install a new one.

So I dropped off the car and drove away in a white P85 loaner. It was really nice to compare the P85 with my non-P version (I'm not sorry I didn't go for the P). Later that day Kaitlyn called to say that the whine probably was coming from the drive inverter and they had decided to replace the entire unit. However they didn't have the unit in stock, so would overnight it from the factory if I didn't mind keeping the loaner for another day. Needless to say, that was not a problem for me.

The next day I had an early evening meeting, so called Kaitlyn to ask how late I could pick up the car -- she said she would be working late. I picked up the car around 8:30 pm -- she was still there, along with a technician or two. The car had been detailed and was spotless.

So here are the services that were performed, in addition to repairing everything I had reported:

- Installed new 12-volt battery
- Replaced Front Bumper Carrier Bolts, Cleaned Corrosion (service bulletin)
- Installed Reinforcement Clips on LH and RH Rear Window Regulators (service bulletin)
- Applied Loctite on C-Pillar Brightwork on Both Sides, Cleaned Area (service bulletin -- some creaking had been reported)
- Opened A-pillar bright molding and applied double sided tape to top and bottom of molding
strip to prevent wind noise. (service bulletin)
- Made changes to correct potential Panoramic Roof creak (service bulletin)
- Rotated tires

I was kept informed throughout the service process.

While some may say this experience was the exception, I'd like to think it's the norm. This was not my first experience with this service center, and all have been exceptional.

Kudos to the whole team, and especially to Kaitlyn as the professional face of the organization.

KendallPB | September 21, 2013

It's not just you! :-D I had a great experience in Rockville, MD this past Friday.

I brought it in late in the day for a rear window dropping and not going back up, and in addition to fixing that, they did 6 other service items, including proactive battery replacement, steering wheel clicking (which I'd only started noticing this week), replacing mats and adding rear mats, and several of the other items you listed. They didn't have time to do the creak fix, though I get that occasionally (usually on hotter days), but it's no big deal to me and I plan to get it fixed next time I'm in (hopefully not till my annual service).

I waited around for my car, since it was late in the day. Everyone was friendly and informative. :-) Plus, free beverages from a fridge and free wifi (which I forgot about till I'd been there a while). I think the extra service items added to my wait, but I was in no rush and was happy to have them taken care of.

As you say--kudos to the team I dealt with, too!

KendallPB | September 21, 2013

P.S. The Rockville team really gave the impression they cared about even minor issues. I'm cynical, so I realize that's part of their job, to give that impression--but they seemed genuine and I appreciated their attitude and thoroughness. I must especially call out Jonathan (but Nathan and Andie? Andy? Andi? also rock) from the Rockville, MD Service Center.

stevenmaifert | September 22, 2013

Love the superior service. Don't love having to experience it four times since taking delivery last December. Latest was replacement of a stress cracked windshield. Therein lies the rub! At some point, even the fanboies are going to have to concede Tesla has QA issues with far too many ModS. PS. Appreciate the free coffee and clean restrooms.

gary.greene | September 22, 2013

Lost my wedding ring in the glovebox. Apparently it fell through the small whole where the bracket mounts to the glovebox door. Made a service appointment and within 10 minutes after arrival, they retrieved my ring. I was a happy man! No charge for the service. Tesla rocks!!

Brian H | September 23, 2013

Why were you hiding your wedding ring in the glove box? Who was your passenger? POIDH

Rheumboy | September 23, 2013 did you explain that one to your wife? Hope she doesn't read the forums. :-)

Thom EM | May 5, 2014

Here's a shout out for kudos to Jon and Erick at the Rockville MD SC. We hit 10,000 km and thought we'd best get the tires rotated, and then the underbody shield became available, so we had that put in at the same time. They refitted the reverse light that was trapping moisture, threw in a couple of firmware updates, and gave the car a thorough cleaning. On an earlier visit they stopped a panoramic roof "creak" we'd noticed in cold weather, while installing our Whispbar roof rack. On short notice they came up with a loaner Model S-60 that gave both them and us more flexibility in scheduling the work on a weekend. All of that was covered either by warranty or "good will".

Awesome service!

Suprkar | May 9, 2014

I have taken my car to Queens NY service a couple of times and just wanted to add the TEAM at Queens is FANTASTIC.
Thanks to you all for EXCELLENT SERVICE | May 9, 2014

The Rocklin SvC, fittingly enough, continue to be a team of rock stars for me.


tezzla.SoCal | May 9, 2014

I've had a few minor hiccups at service, like when they told me to come in on Saturday to fix something; then Saturday I show up and then they tell me they can't do it until a later date!

Just this week I had scheduled the valet service to pick up my car at 8am, they called at 7:45 and said they'd be a hour late. They finally showed up around 10:50am. My wife was pissed because she couldn't leave for work until they came.

I'm not really complaining, the guys at Van Nuys are very friendly and they do very good work.

mrdaniel | May 9, 2014

@tezzla I like to distinguish between the effort of the service employees and whatever is going on with corporate's service operations.

Scheduling and keeping us informed should be corporate's job and they are rather spotty with it, so there is definitely need for improvement on the corporate side. Let's hope they are building out the dashboard to allow us to see minute by minute updates like it's the weather channel.

njelectric | May 9, 2014

Great experience at the Springfield NJ sc. P85 loaner. All repairs requested complete. Staff knowledgable and very friendly. They ran down the list of service notices and took care of them. The car was picked up and delivered as promised. All good.

thranx | May 9, 2014

Excellent service in first visit to Scottsdale, AZ service center. Installed battery armor, rotated tires, standard checkup, car wash. Free minor detailing (tires didn't look this good when the car was delivered). Not used to getting a receipt from an auto service center with a zero balance owed. It's...refreshing.

In a nice area, too. Plenty of stores and shops in easy driving distance. Everyone pleasant as could be.

Pollux | May 9, 2014

+1 for Watertown Service Center and for @ rdloftin1.

I've been dealing with the Watertown crew since last August 7, 2013. I actually got the delivery spiel from them TWICE because the first time around I had my wife and son with me; my son, especially, who had a great time, made sure that little useful information would be sent and/or received.

Honestly, the experience there is so great that I just plain look for excuses to go visit them!

One of my favorite experiences involves a problem I was having charging at home using the HPWC. The charging process was getting very flaky, and I would have to jiggle the connector in the socket to get the charge going. I talked to Kaitlyn at the Service Center, she did some remote diagnostics, and suggested that they would get me a brand-new HPWC. Then, she called back two days later to say that they had been sitting around **talking about my car** and decided that they couldn't positively rule out whether the car itself had an issue. (Keeping in mind that EVERY other car service organization I've dealt with would have NEVER kept considering the issue until they had tried what they had recommended and then still had a problem to deal with.) So they had me bring in the car for a closer look. After they ruled out problems with the car, I left the Service Center with a brand-new HPWC already loaded into my trunk. Oh, and Kaitlyn tried to PAY ME for the services of an electrician to yank out the old HPWC and put in the new one. There was absolutely no way that I was going to take their money, not when they've been so good to me. The new HPWC worked like a champ, BTW.

More recently, Mat, the service center manager, held a barbecue a couple of weeks ago so that customers could all get their winter tires changed over to summer tires *and* have a party.

I'm actually looking forward to bringing my car in for its 12,500 mile checkup, even though that's no longer strictly necessary!

Kudos to the Watertown Service Center!