Surprised that phone service is still excellent

Surprised that phone service is still excellent

In our 4+ years of Tesla auto and solar/powerwall ownership, the service we have received has been excellent. However, I have not required service in recent months. Lately, I found that I needed phone support for both our solar system and our car, and based on what I have been reading here recently, I expected that things had deteriorated significantly and was preparing for the worst.

First, I phoned for support for our solar system, with a pretty obscure question about our system documentation. I expected to spend a protracted time waiting for someone to answer, or for no answer, or if someone did answer, they wouldn't be able to help and would hand me off to someone else ad infinitum.

Instead, the Tesla phone robot said that my wait would be 20 minutes, and 20 minutes later, a technician answered who was able to clearly answer my question off the top of her head.

A day later, I needed phone support for the car with regard to our account. When phoning, I left a callback number instead of waiting. About 10 minutes later, I received the callback, and the question was promptly answered.

Later, I had a technical issue. I phoned and left a callback number. Minutes later, the callback occurred and my unique issue was discussed, along with advice on how to proceed. When I commented that, based on what I had been reading, I was surprised by such a rapid return call, the technician said that it can depend on when one calls. (I phoned about 5pm local time.) He mentioned that when he arrived at work, there were 100 calls in the queue; now there were four.

I am not denying others' technical support experiences; I have just not had poor experiences myself.

jimglas | March 10, 2019

phone support got a lot better around 3 months ago.

carylouder007 | March 11, 2019

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