Swedish IBAN number

Swedish IBAN number

Hi. I need to make the reservation payment, to Swedish Tesla, but I will do it from an account that requires IBAN and Swift. Anyone have that information? Currently only the Swedish "BankGiro" is available, and that cannot be used for transfer from abroad. /Peter

peterlauri | August 7, 2015

Finally I got the information from Tesla. If you dare to trust me, here is the information:

IBAN: GB29CHAS60924255500797

They will start to include this in the reservation email in the future.

026272186 | December 8, 2018

Avsluta reservationen tesla

hollandpask | February 9, 2019

I am trying to cancel a reservation and having been asked for my IBAN and Swift BIC numbers I have inputted in same format as above but the form keeps rejecting my information. Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?

Tesla2018 | February 9, 2019

Are you imputting the same numbers as above? This is Teslas bank number.
You need to give them your banks info so they can return it. Not sure what country you are in but if it is not Sweden then they might use other addition codes besides the one above. In the US they usually require a d in one of the wire fields that gets submitted to the Federal Reserve to indicate that its a checking account. The bank knows this but the average person doesnt. Wires to Indonesia and othet countries have other fields that need to be entered too. Contact your banks wire transfer department and they should be able to give you the correct information.

nguyenhahai1234567 | February 10, 2019

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jimglas | February 11, 2019

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