TACC in the snow

TACC in the snow

I've had my M3 AWD for about six weeks. Today was my second day driving it while snowing. The first was actually when I picked it up! So, today was the first time for snow driving after I've gotten used to the car.

During the initial freeway drive I had TACC engaged and was monitoring it. It's a good thing I was, since it was happily closing on the car in front of us with no indication it was going to slow down. I applied the brakes myself. It wasn't too long after that I got a warning that TACC was now available due to visibility conditions.

That leads me to a question: why is there no fallback standard cruise control? I'm pretty sure the versions w/o EAP hardware have a standard cruise control and it seems likely that the EAP hardware has the necessary speed monitoring and control of accelerator to implement standard cruise. I imagine T thinks the drive would be confused about cruise control mode and not be monitoring the traffic situation for speed changes. Still, I wish there was fallback cruise control, even if I had the proactively engage it.

BTW I -love- my car, this wasn't a complaint, just an observation agreeing with T's warning that the driver must be monitoring the road conditions and that AP features have limitations.

stevenmaifert | January 11, 2019

Non-EAP M3s do have the standard cruise control. My only gripe is that it does not have a resume feature. Once disengaged you have to accelerate/decelerate to the desired speed and reengage. AP is nice, but the sensors will always have some degradation in adverse climate conditions. A prudent driver will take that into consideration and use with caution.