Taking delivery of a MX100D

Taking delivery of a MX100D

My delivery specialist contacted us saying the car is ready for pick up, it is earlier than we expected. Would like to know what needs to be aware or to look for during the delivery. if there are any defects should I request Tesla to fix it before take the car home?? Obviously, I have to take it before end of the year for the full $7500 tax refund.

TDUB | December 7, 2018

I saw a complicated and complete list before I took my car. But later I decided not to annoy the deliver person by doing such detail check for reasons 1) I trust TESLA. If anything wrong I am sure they will take care of it. 2) the delivery team seems pretty busy. 3) I was so eager to have my car. I cant bear it stayed there for more days for some tiny problems.
So simply I just asked the guy to show me the fobs and open/close all doors in front of me. Now it's been more than three months, 3000 + miles on it, it is working almost perfectly except occasionally some squeaks from nowhere, screen black out once, and the charging port door won't close completely when it's cold. I love it and enjoy it everyday.

jjgunn | December 7, 2018

When you see some of these weird issues, especially on the MCU, just do a double-scroll wheel reboot. The reboot really does fix all that minor weirdness.

And be patient! Wait for the screen to return to normal. Can take some time - can take up to 3-5 minutes. Be patient!

TDUB | December 7, 2018

@jjgunn Thanks. Yes, that's what I leaned from the Forum and what I did.

Great forum and great community!

GranpaJohn | December 8, 2018

Congratulations caikangze407 - Picked up mine today. Had a Model S for two years prior. Take it home with minor defects noted. Schedule with service department for future fix date. They can order any parts needed. and it will give you time to look it over for small items you may miss at the delivery. AND Love the frosty fire out of every moment driving your X!

caikangze407 | December 10, 2018

@GranpaJohn, do you mind share with us what kind of minor defects you have noticed during the delivery? and how do you schedule the service? via phone or apps? once there how long do you need to wait? I own a BMW X5, every time I take the car to service is pain in the butt. hopefully it is not the same thing I need to go thru.

GranpaJohn | December 10, 2018

No pain at all. for the past two years when i have taken my MS75D in I have driven a loaner Tesla home and only once kept it overnight. I noticed a 1 inch wheel rash. A dented doorstep metal decal, 1 taillight with condensation, a point of metal near taillight needing a drop of paint and scratches on the drivers side of the hood. Not through the paint but noticeable in the right light. Finally a tiny bit of shrill wind noise at the drivers window. I use the Columbus Ohio SC and have used both the web page and called by phone to make appointments. Every panel fit well and gaps were perfect.