Tampa Service Center experience

Tampa Service Center experience

Three days ago my 2016 Model X, ~35K miles, no previous problems, was, in the words of the service tech who remotely checked the instrumentation, "a brick." Would not start, would not unlock, nada. Tried both fobs and phone app. Dead. Called Tampa Service Center (we live in Sarasota, about 55 miles away). Took approximately 15 minutes to get tech on phone. After remotely examining/monitoring, said no obvious cause. Original 12v battery looked OK, 70 % charge on main battery. I had received no warnings of low battery. So flatbed was called and car taken to SC. Next day, got a call that they could detect nothing that would cause the problem, but surmised it could only be the 12v battery, which they would replace.

Yesterday was advised that the battery was replaced and all was fine. Problem was apparently in the low voltage warning circuit which was also replaced/repaired. Early this afternoon they sent a Lyft to my home to drive me to the SC. Lyft arrived at the exact time I requested and an hour later I had my Model X, washed, vacuumed, new 12v battery.

Was given invoice for total service, including Lyft: $0.00.

Doesn't get better than that! :-)

NOTE: We also have a 2018 Model 3, but my wife is temporarily unable to drive due to a medical problem, otherwise Lyft would not have been necessary.


rbuckle1ster | November 5, 2018

I agree. All me experience with Tampa SC has been great. I’ve had to leave my Model X three times. Two of them just overnights. Got a new Tesla loaner each time. The staff at Tampa are the best. Can,t wait till they move to new digs on Florida Ave. it’ll be much closer to home, Clearwater

David M. | January 4, 2019

Well, I just found out that you cannot call the Tampa SC anymore. When you call them, the call is routed to a central call center in California. You tell them why you want to schedule an appointment. Sometimes they try to help you resolve your issue over the phone with mixed results. That happened to me today. The guy on the phone was unfamiliar with the issue and put me on hold while he called a real technician. The real technician had a solution which fixed the problem over the phone - good. The downside is that the call took twice as long, since customers cannot speak directly with real service technicians.

Also, the current service center (which is closing) is 55 miles from my home. The new and improved service center is 67 miles from my home. They opened a showroom in my town, but the only service center is now going to be further away. They have already started the sales pitch for mobile service.

mbp11 | January 18, 2019

Greetings from San Francisco Bay Area, California. I wanted to add my comments to yours, I am very disappointed in the local Dublin Service center, I wish I lived where you are.

I am one of the lucky ones, I have had no problems with by MX 100D since I picked it up in July. Yes the doors won't open if the windows are down, yes, the insides of the falcon wing doors get soaked when I open them during the rain ( I found a solution on the forums for this, thank you!) but things are great.

On the insistence of my girlfriend, who is always right, I turned on the PIN to drive, Since there is a rash of Tesla break-ins here, I ordered the Model X enhanced Anti-Theft option and made an appointment a month in advance to have it installed. I drove in at the appointed time and the service area is packed, there is almost no parking. After waiting 30 minutes, my car is moved to the head of the line and the service advisor tells me he has no idea when then can handle my car. Might be that day, might be the next day, he does not know.

My problem was I booked the last appointment of the day and they are still trying to get the earlier appointments taken care of. I was busy, it only takes 15 minutes to install the device on the dome light, but I cannot leave it for the day or the next day. So I made another appointment for a month from now when I can leave the car.

My problems are NOTHING compared to some of the other posters on the forum. Still, this left me with grave concerns. The dealership was packed with cars and people needing service, they are overwhelmed. The service advisor was polite but they could not promise anything for my minimal service request.

This experience, on top of the Tesla announcements about the Fremont plant layoffs, has me really concerned. Have I made a mistake?

Mike P

KurtX | January 19, 2019

I use the Highland Park IL service center, and they were quite backed up before the end of Q2. They had a factory quick response team show up for a week to work through the backlog. I was glad to hear Tesla had a plan to work thru surges. Hopefully your service center will get the help soon.