Tesla 2 Year Review

Tesla 2 Year Review

Youtuber Sahil Malik posted a thought provoking and quite sobering video assessment of his ownership experience to date. Caused me to have a moment of buyer’s remorse, wishing I’d learned about all these problems before I had ordered my brand new75D. Then again, I’m not sure even knowing about these problems would have dissuaded me from buying my Tesla anyway.

Tried repeatedly to post link to the forum, but kept getting blocked.

Title of youtube video is “Tesla 2 Year Review” by Sahil Malik

SUSTEKI.TOKYO.JP | March 22, 2017

I do not agree with his comments, 2+ year owner with 45,000KM. I've owned many cars in my life time and they all have there issues. Remember this, if a car cost 100K+ regardless of the manufacture the maintenance is going to cost more.

JayInJapan | March 22, 2017

I'm with Susteki. Before I discovered Tesla, I was planning to get a Porsche; oil was quoted at ¥12,000/liter. You can extrapolate from there how much maintenance costs are.

BigD0g | March 23, 2017

You can only post links if your an owner, I found that out after some time.

avesraggiana | March 23, 2017

@ BigD0g I see. Owner of what? The video, or a Tesla? I just got mine two days ago.

Thank you very much for posting the video link for me. Several days ago, another poster submitted his four-year assessment of his P85. Though not completely problem-free, his experience seemed to be more positive than the one in this guy’s video. I hope I’ll have a similar experience to the four-year owner.

BigD0g | March 23, 2017

@avesraggiana a Tesla. Just email and ask for full forum access. This will also allow you to see the hidden forums and messages.

Silver2K | March 23, 2017


Service is included on all BMWs, including the 7 series for the first 4years/50k miles. Tesla charges for those services. We still are unsure what Tesla will charge to repair a battery or DU issue when the 8 year warranty expires.

not unhappy, but just correcting your fact.

Back on topic.

there are close to or more than 175k owners around the world and you will have many with what he's going though. The issues he's going through are not uncommon in the industry as a whole (except for door handles).

The points he made about panels and door handles are very true and tesla needs to stop focusing on "quickest car in the world" crap and pay attention to those issues. The fact that Tesla service will without question send you home with a problem they can't fix (rattling sun roof) is crazy IMO. Also customer service not calling back is something many have gone through here (including myself) and IMO, that is the #1 thing on the list to improve. A good customer service can soothe the savage beast, a poor one is just going to poke the savage beast and we all know where that leads.

Charging him to clean salt on brakes!?

My favorite line is "next thing, they will charge me to clean the filter, because there is dust in the air"

Silver2K | March 23, 2017

It costs $730-$900 dollars to change a Porsche Panamera's oil in Japan?

barrykmd | March 23, 2017

I looked at the length of the video and passed. I don't know how you guys (and gals) have the patience for these wannabe broadcasters.

-Gman- | March 23, 2017

@barrykmd: because sometimes it's nice to step out of this echo chamber ;-)

BigD0g | March 23, 2017

@barrykmd I never watched, I just wanted to be helpful and share the link, I have no intention of watching.

luckyj | March 23, 2017
am_dmd | March 23, 2017

Though I am a very recent owner I agree with this person more from my limited experience with service and quality issues. Car is awesome to drive but given the current state of customer service I am not too​ convinced on this brand YET. Now that they are going mass market and possibly facing more competition they have to tackle service issues.

donaldmeacham1 | March 23, 2017

I guess I have been fortunate. P 85+ and P85DL total 58000 miles no major or minor repairs. $ 800 total service costs. No failed downloads. I've rebooted the software about 4times in three years. Still no pano leaks or rattles, no door handle issues, 30,000 miles on the first set of Michelin PS 2 staggered tires ( no rotation). Also the body panel fit as good as my previous 2 Lexus LS 430 and 460s. I am very happy with my decision to buy. I'm not a fan boy. Actually this has been the most trouble free vehicle I've owned ever.

jordanrichard | March 23, 2017

I am not defending any quality issues on Tesla's part, but let's keep things in perspective. Where is the outrage over the fact that Mercedes-Benz has been making cars since 1886 and they still have issues. Sure panel gaps might be great, but anyone here want to own one out of warranty? Hell after having been making cars for the last 131 years, they shouldn't have any problems at all.

diaretical | March 23, 2017

90,000 miles on my P85 and I don't agree with many of the youtube video points. Here's my experience while living in NYC, rural Oklahoma, and now Arkansas:

- amazing service (folks at the service center knew my name, communicated often, emailed/texted me for faster communication, sent loaner cars, sent tow trucks, sent rangers, returned the car fully washed, treated me like family)
- insanely reliable considering I haven't signed up or done any of the service intervals. I'll happy pay out of pocket for the fluid changes when they come due (I'd rather pay a la cart anyway).
- fun to drive and makes every journey much more exciting

- fender benders due take a while to sort out due to parts and body shops being so careful/learning on the job with such a new car
- initial quality sucked and the car was at the service center working through bugs (pretty solid now)
- stupid tail lights still fog up
- inner wear on tires (21" rims)
- replacement tires are $200 each and only last about 25,000 miles

Just my 2 cents as an owner going on 3.5 years of happy ownership living in both urban and rural areas.

Muzzman1 | March 23, 2017

I too think he's off
I'm at my 3 yr mark to the day, and actually on my 2nd MS. My 1st went to a friend who loves it as much as I did. Between the 2 cars I've logged 60k miles over 3 yrs.
I have had minor issues (fan squeals) etc, service is above and beyond, for my wife's MX as well,
Fortunately we have not had an accident, so I hope Tesla sorts the delay issue out for the sake of all owners.

JAD | March 23, 2017

I found this video very entertaining showing what Tesla needs to strive for to match Porsche...

Rowlie | March 23, 2017

I disagree with many of the video issues, particularly that the car is fragile. My experience with aluminum bodied cars (I had an Audi A8 for ten years prior to my MS) is that they are more robust than steel cars and more forgiving to grocery carts and careless parking lot door dings. I think the fact that it is such a safe car also relates to the strong structure. He never indicated what happened to his, but it sounds like it was involved in an accident of some sort.

My 2015 P85D just went out of warranty due to mileage, not age. Up to the point where the warranty expired, it had been my most trouble-free car ever, eclipsing our Honda Odyssey minivan. Unfortunately, after the warranty expired, one of the door handles stopped working and some of the lights around my charge port have gone out.

I'm wondering what kind of repair manuals are available to allow those of us who are prone to performing our own repairs to do so. It has to be in Tesla's long-term interest (if not legal requirements) to open repair channels to independent shops in addition to their own service centers.

Does anyone have a repair manual?

Rowlie | March 23, 2017

I should have added that my observation is that service quality seems to vary substantially from location to location. I have always gotten almost instant service in Indianapolis.

spatters805 | March 23, 2017

I posted on the MX forum an experience my friend had near LA (we live an hour up the coast from LA) where he has now had to wait almost 2 months for service on FW doors that won't open and completely non-functional AP2 hardware (non-functional cruise control of any kind, no sensors, etc.). All despite remote evaluation by Tesla and reboots, etc.

We live about 50 miles from the nearest Service Center and they even refused Ranger Service. They told him his problem is not life threatening so he can wait. He has to now go 90 miles to the next service center to drop off a car he's had for 2 months because the other service centers are booked out even further. To make matters worse, they reserved a Toyota Corolla for rental because they are so backlogged and have no Tesla loaners. Phone calls not returned, lots of run-around, etc. He's pretty frustrated.

I do think the problem is probably not life threatening but that kind of response is suboptimal.

My brother has had his MS P85 for 3 years now and the service was superb to begin with and has gone downhill ever since. He lives 100 miles away from me. I really do think the experience varies by location and I am happy to hear that at least some people have had good experiences but I hope Tesla takes note of those that aren't happy before the onslaught of M3 owners hit the scene.

Dreamship | March 23, 2017

I guess I'm fortunate. I've had my car exactly two months. I've had to go to the Dallas SC twice. Once to look into connectivity issues and once to have the driver's side mirror replaced. Had zero trouble getting appointments. Got a nice hand wash both times, and both times, the problems were fixed. Also got Tesla loaners both times. Communication has been excellent with the service team via both phone and email.

So I don't have years of ownership to report here. I've only had the car two months. There were these two initial problems, which is somewhat troubling. But my last car was a 2004 Lexus LS430 that I had--and loved--for 14 years. I had similar initial issues with it, and it turned out to be a rock-solid car. But it was extremely expensive to repair once I was out of warranty. The XM antenna wire, which was hinged with the trunk, broke about 5 years in and cost $700 to fix. I had to replace the suspension twice at a cost of about $800 per wheel. Someone backed in to the car in a parking garage and dinged the front bumper--5 grand. I had the ultra-luxury package with self-closing doors. They died one by one about six years in. $1400 each to repair.

Expensive cars are expensive to repair. And over time, things will go wrong. I understand that I'm comparing apples to oranges here to some extent. But before I bought this MS, I looked at Lexus, Infiniti, Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes, and BMWs, among others. The pricing wasn't all that different from Tesla. So it really became a no-brainer for me.

I knew about all the negatives Sahil pointed out going in. But so far, at least, I have zero regrets. I expect some unevenness from a startup like Tesla, but I consider this more than a car--it's also an adventure. I reserve the right, however, to change my tune if this thing ever sits in a shop for months on end waiting for parts. ;)

stereoshopper | March 23, 2017

Love my two year old Tesla but have had some major service issues, all covered under warranty. Center screen went out, drive unit replaced due to milling sound, and connectivity issue that took weeks to fix. I convinced my Mom to buy an S six months after I purchased mine. The fit and finish of her car is quite superior, although she's had multiple issues with window leaks. Her service is great in Indianapolis. No service center there but a local tech can fix most issues in owners' garages. Tesla loaners are available if the car is taken away. Contrast that with the California experience of several weeks' wait for service and crappy ICE loaners. I fear for what will happen to the Tesla brand if the 3 comes out with the same average quality as the S and service is not outsourced to handle the new demand.

Silver2K | March 26, 2017

The one thing about this video that I find puzzling is the fact that this is a 2 year review and the picture in the video is a refresh.

tstolz | March 26, 2017

I guess experiences vary. Teslas are average in reliability. Mine is now 2 years old and has 110,000 km (about 72,000 miles) ... not one thing has ever gone wrong ... all panels fit perfectly, no rattles, etc., and this has been by far the most trouble free and low maintenance car I have ever owned!

nlukin | March 26, 2017

@tatolz did you buy extended warranty? Also which year is your car?

tstolz | March 26, 2017

2015 - no extended warranty S85D - Alberta, Canada car

iTesla | March 26, 2017

After every service appointment, you receive a survey asking how it went. From these, Tesla should know their weak spots and address them or know where additional resources are needed. I used the Rockville SvC in 2013/14 and received excellent service and communication, but that was when they had valet service. I now use Tyco Road SvC and service is on a first name basis with appointments two weeks out. 2013 P85 48,600 miles, the 12 Volt battery is the only non-issue I've had. Best car ever.

Tesla-David | March 26, 2017

I am 4-year+ owner, on my second Model S, and can only report on my personal experience. My January 2013 MS had a few minor issues on delivery (pano roof, door alignment), which were quickly resolved. My second MS (85D) delivered on 6/15/15 has had absolutely NO issues and I am absolutely thrilled with my overall experience with Tesla, and have a Model 3 on order. My experiences with the Seattle SC with routine servicing have been superb. I couldn't disagree more with OP's rants.

amareshvanga | March 26, 2017

I am close to one year of ownership and the service has been excellent. No complaints so issues with car either.
I called tesla and asked for a well reputed shop that has experience with model s in the area as I live 300 plus miles from service center.They actually sent a tesla ranger to do the tire rotation at my house as a courtesy and they did not charge a penny for this.
Now call me stupid but I don't think there's any car company out there that does this for their customers
customer service for me is A++++++++