Tesla App Climate Control Upgrade

Tesla App Climate Control Upgrade

As a pet owner. I have two standard poodles. I wanted to leave my dogs in the car while we went to lunch but it was too hot outside. Then I remembered I could use the app to turn on the a/c and set the temp to 66. The problem is the app automatically shuts off after about 10-15 minutes I think. I kept watching it to be sure to restart it when it went off. I even went out to the car a few times to be sure it stayed cool. It would be helpful if we could set the interior temp and have the option of how long to keep it on.

negarholger | July 1, 2013

Not that I have poodles or any other pets - I think this is a good idea.
Have an auto default, but the option to overwrite for this event.
Also maybe someone already has figured it out - is there a difference in A/C shut off time if plugged in or not.

portia | July 2, 2013

the a/c shuts off or the app?

negarholger | July 2, 2013


Brian H | July 2, 2013

The A/C.

stimeygee | July 2, 2013

Yes I'd like that functionality too. Very much.

michael1800 | July 2, 2013

I didn't time it by watch, but I'd say it was right about 15 minutes when the AC turned off while plugged in. I was 'relaxing' in my car while charging at a KOA in New Orleans...terribly hot outside it was, yes.

DSurber | July 2, 2013

Keeping the AC on is a step toward a pet safe mode for the MS, but there are some other features required to be truly pet safe. Unfortunately, the AC can fail. This happened in a police K9 vehicle in Alameda, CA a few years ago and cost the life of a K9. In addition to keeping the AC on there must be a fail-safe temperature monitor. Every few minutes (1 or 2) the car reports the interior temperature. If the temperature exceeds a preset limit the app alerts the driver. If the app misses more than two temperature reports it alerts the driver. I wouldn't leave my dogs in a closed car without this feature.

Even more safety would be provided by the car having a pet-in-car mode. In this mode the car would monitor the internal temperature and progressively respond to increasing internal temperature by turning on the AC, cracking the windows, honking the horn and flashing the lights, opening the windows entirely, unlocking the doors, etc.

GReese | July 2, 2013

This could easily be addressed through the API.

HenryT2 | July 2, 2013

Isn't there a concern with the A/C unit overheating if the car is not moving? Is this only an ICE thing?

DSurber | July 2, 2013


Police K9 vehicles often idle for hours with the AC running. The one in Alameda failed because it was clogged with dog hair, the blackest irony.


The app could and should implement temperature monitoring, but only the MS can implement pet-in-car mode. That is an emergency backup when other systems fail. For example the pet owner is hit by a bus, knocked unconscious, and his/her phone destroyed. The pet-in-car mode would alert passers by and by unlocking the doors enable them to rescue the pets. Ideally the car would detect that the car was occupied rather than relying on the driver to engage the pet-in-car mode. Sadly, that would save the lives of a few children as well.

DSurber | July 23, 2013

Yesterday I carried my dog in the back of our MS. Per Tesla's recommendation I set the fan on 11, temp to LO and mode to fresh air. I parked the car for a few minutes, in the shade, and restarted the AC via the iPhone app. When I returned to the car after five minutes the AC was running but it had reset to the default auto settings. The back was not as cool as the rest of the interior. This definitely hurts the capability of keeping pets cool in a parked MS using the AC. At present running the AC to keep pets cool, as is commonly done in police K9 vehicles, just isn't practical.

LionPowered | July 23, 2013

I'd worry that somebody would see a dog in a car with the windows up and raise hell about it, but maybe they'd hear the A/C and chill out :-)

CalDreamin | July 23, 2013

@LionPowered, one of the advantages of very dark tinted windows is that people can't see what's inside.

DSurber | August 11, 2013

I left my dog in the back of the MS while eating lunch today. It was warm, 90º, but the car was in the shade. I turned the AC on with the iPhone app and set a timer for 10 minutes to remind me to check. After the first timer expired I checked and the AC was still on. I reset the timer for 10 more and when that expired the AC was still on. It finally shut off sometime between 30 and 40 minutes after I first turned it on. I turned it back on and it stayed on for another 20 minutes by which I had returned to the car. I have the .61 software.

Also I don't think it reset my custom AC settings. I didn't check that to be sure, but the fan was still blowing a hurricane when I opened the door. The interior was ice cold.

An hour with the AC on max on a 90º day (in the shade) used only a mile of range. Running the AC to keep pets cool is viable but inconvenient. Even though the AC doesn't seem to shut off for at least 30 minutes, I will still set a timer to remind me to check every 10 minutes. A closed car can reach lethal temperatures very quickly. If something happens and the temperature starts rising, I want to find out in much less than 30 minutes. Still, having the AC stay on, apparently with custom settings, for 30 minutes is a step forward. Now what is needed is for the app to poll the car every few minutes and scream bloody murder if it can't contact the car or the temperature starts rising.

Robert22 | August 11, 2013

Why not add a pet mode to the climate control system? The A/C just stays on period. Reminder text updates can be sent every 15 to 30 min.

nickjhowe | August 11, 2013

It is illegal to leave a pet in the car in Florida, regardless of A/C remote control.

KevinE | August 11, 2013

I pre-heat/cool the car interior at home by setting the climate control in the car and then leaving the door slightly ajar (one click on the door latch). The climate control will stay on, no app or restart required. For your pet's sake, monitor the interior temperature with your phone and check the local laws.

Rick H | August 12, 2013

Good idea. Good to give choice.

thranx | August 12, 2013

An available little dog or cat icon on the climate control screen (for setting climate on pet mode) would be beyond cute.

robsross | September 21, 2013

I take my dog with me to work and always stopped for coffee in my last car and was able to lock it with my key and keep it running with the AC on. I really need to be able to do that with my Tesla M. Have they or anyone come up with a way to do this?
I also must say that my key does not function well from any real distance from my car and was a bitch to,figure out how to get it on a key chain! Other than these two things, I totally love my new car!
Any help on the AC would be greatly appreciated!

shop | September 21, 2013

Turn on the AC via the Tesla app after locking it.


Instead of putting the car in Park, press the brake, put it in neutral, and manually turn on the parking brake via the control menu. Then leave the car and lock the doors.