Tesla assembly center in Tilburg

Tesla assembly center in Tilburg

Can anybody in this forum help with the status of the Tilburg plant? I have been seraching the web for new information, but only litte available. Are they manned and ready to receive the Tesla's?
I see job vacancies posted in early July. For me it seems rather late if shipments should come in september. Hiring now would mean that the people first will be in the job in september. I assume that Tesla also need to train their employees, so it might look as a very close - just in time process!

Mathew98 | July 25, 2013

Where did you get that info? As far as we know there's only one factory and it is in CA. Why would they need another plant for assembly when they are only occupying 25% of the current factory?

Jolanda | July 25, 2013

Tax reasons.

Importing into the EU is cheaper if you assemble in the EU.

Jean PierreD | July 25, 2013

There is à 'factorý on tilbury and There wiill be another one, at least, in Antwerpen.
Both are only final assembly lines

The Froq | July 25, 2013

Here are some pictures.. The assembly center is ready and the peronel is on traing in Fremont at the moment.
They only put the battery unther the car and will do the distribution for Europe.

Start of the delivery of the cars to the custumors is half sept.

ChristianG | July 25, 2013

if they only put the battery under the car it would be a good use for a stlightly modified battery swap station

pbp | July 25, 2013

Is that all they have to do get tax reduction? How much do they save?

Mathew98 | July 25, 2013

Thanks @Jolanda - That's news to me.

TM is smart to make such a move. That means TM won't have to pay the extra tariff that would affect the bottom line. TM is always a step further that we think.

Let's see if I can get more dry powder before Q2 results.

pbp | July 25, 2013


as a European i think that Tesla charge too high Price, as their initial European Price was set based on the assumption that they had to pay import duty. Is i recall Elon he was quoted for saying that the European cars only would be marked up with the added cost bringing the car into Europe. So hope to see some savings on the final Price.

ArieK | August 22, 2013

Official opening of Tilburg 'factory' is today!

chrisdl | August 22, 2013

And here's the official plaque (photo courtesy of the Tesla Club Belgium):

First cars delivered today in Tilburg! Two cars for the Netherlands, two for Belgium, and two for Germany.

chrisdl | August 22, 2013

Many photos of the end-assembly line by Tesla Club Belgium on their Facebook page:

(not sure if that link will work)

Apparently, the motors and the batteries are installed in Tilburg, as well as the software.

ArieK | August 22, 2013

Video footage from inside the Tilburg assembly plant

Brian H | August 22, 2013

Video not accessible here (Canada). Facebook pix were great, tho'.

ArieK | August 22, 2013

Perhaps this youtube link works from a local news channel

First cars being delivered from Tilburg