Tesla ATV

Tesla ATV

Mostly posting this to see if there's a demand for such a thing: an all electric Tesla ATV using Model 3 batteries and mini electric motor(s).

I personally would love this and get a couple of them, but you think they'd ever consider an ATV? Would the cost be too great? Would it be reliable in the extreme weather or for range?

I just want to see anyone's thoughts on this, thanks.

Shock | August 4, 2017

Looks like there are some on the market. I could see a use for them, e.g. driving out early without spooking game.

DTsea | August 4, 2017

Tesla doesnt build deathtraps.

AtVs kill too many kids.... i know of two in my area recently.... and even with adults are dangerous.

Shock | August 4, 2017

They have a car that can hit 60 in 2.3 seconds, so they certainly try to balance some fun with safety.

bluteaur | August 4, 2017

I figured their cost effective Model 3 batteries would be perfect for a small machine like that. It really interests me to have a quick and very quiet ATV. Obviously, like many things, you need to be careful how you use it to avoid injuries.

Should_I | August 5, 2017

Extra weight of batteries in something that might tip over if improperly used would be another concern. Plus if one is foolish and runs a car battery down a towtruck can get you to a charge point, off-road,..............

DTsea | August 5, 2017


Yes in an enclosed vehicle that has auto braking, a wide wheelbase, and airbags.

Atvs are open, no roll cage, and tiny wheel base.

Latest is Madison Baumgartner, amd the Seahawks' number 1 draft pick.

Shock | August 5, 2017

I could start listing of people killed in teslas as well.

There can be no doubt a 0-60 in 2.3 seconds has nothing whatsoever to do with safety, though.

bilal2644 | November 21, 2019

Damn, you were right.

robgagnon | November 21, 2019

Seeing at the Cybertruck reveal - gotta get one!

Maxxer | November 21, 2019

It happened

CSpa | November 21, 2019

Hope they make one with a dump box for working on farm

nukequazar | November 21, 2019

ATV looks very cool!

SqueekJ | November 21, 2019

I would of liked to be able to pre-order the ATV when I placed the truck order.

nukequazar | November 21, 2019

Yeah it’s weird. The ATV looked more finished than the truck.

jnordland | November 21, 2019

Take my money!

andy.connor.e | November 22, 2019

I want ATV specs. I've never driven an ATV before and it would be cool if this was my first, not that i have anywhere to really drive it.

T34Bravo | November 22, 2019

If the ATV is an option when it comes time to finalize my cybertruck, there's a just about 100% chance I'm getting one.