Tesla as a Backup Power Plant?

Tesla as a Backup Power Plant?

My neighbor, leaf owner, bought himself a 1000W pure sine wave inverter. He has shown me he can run an AC vacuum with the 12V battery of his leaf with it. His plan is to use it to power critical systems of his house (internet and lol TV) when power is out. He says the High voltage battery will keep the 12V topped up while it supplies the inverter.

Good idea? Anyone doing this with their TESLA?

TAC | April 16, 2019

I know for a fact the 12v jump terminals under the tow hook cover are a one way valve to the archaic lead acid battery. You can have power flow into it but not out. With the sled battery I can’t imagine the terminals to allow an output here either at the charging port. I’m sure it’s hardware components controlled unless if there is a software unlock for service center battery load testing? I assume a tap would have to be discovered by digging around. Would the cars computer watch dogs freak out and start calling the battery as faulty form the unaccounted power drain?

dickiemo | April 16, 2019

I think its a great idea,the model 3 is a great power store.

Magic 8 Ball | April 16, 2019

I like the idea and poo pooed it in the past, mostly out of concerns TAC brought up, but now I am curious if anyone actually has pulled this off with a 3?

Is there circuitry preventing this?
Is there access to 12V, higher amp, terminals?

1agkirk2 | April 16, 2019

Depending on the circuit and wiring for the lead acid battery you might get 400 AC. That would not be very helpful.

gkohn | April 16, 2019

I have a Chevy Bolt. Hooked up a forklift connector with 2AWG cables and a 200A fuse to the 12V Battery. Negative side terminated at chassis ground so as to not trigger current flow alarms in the computer out of the 12V battery. You can get 1000W steady state out without draining 12V to power emergency circuits in the house.

Who has done this for Model 3 and how?

Bighorn | April 16, 2019

No--it's not been allowed by Tesla. Some people have decommissioned their batteries for storage. This has been talked about for years and Tesla has not bitten.

Magic 8 Ball | April 16, 2019

What my neighbor is doing is a sneaky work-a-round, at least that is how he is trying to sell the idea. Nissan has not bought off on this yet, also, so he claims by tapping into the 12V there is no way they can tell if you are "hooked up". Of course you would not want to hook up to grid with any of these schemes but if you can decouple your critical house loads from the grid, during outage, it may have some merit.

So, has anyone done the same thing my neighbor did with a 3? I am not going to guinea pig my car ; ).

Magic 8 Ball | April 16, 2019

Oh, I should add I have no idea if my neighbor is screwing up his car.

wiboater4 | April 16, 2019

The would rather sell you a power wall.

donharvey2323 | April 16, 2019

The issue is that the DC-DC converter that charges the 12V battery from the big battery is not very powerful. The small 12V battery is easy enough to access from the frunk but if you connect directly to it the drain is not accurately sensed.

Kary993 | April 16, 2019

Wouldn't it make better sense to just buy a power wall unit and charge it up during off hours where the costs are cheap? Then when grid goes down switch over to your power wall. Does anyone do this and NOT have solar panels? I only see solar panels and batteries from everything I have read and seen on videos.

Magic 8 Ball | April 16, 2019

@Kary993 Yes, it makes make much better sense, but I am thinking more emergency type situations or even running small meth lab out in the desert ; ).

Kary993 | April 16, 2019

8 Ball - you need the upcoming Tesla pickup truck and line the back with power walls wired into the truck battery....won't be a small meth lab it will be as big as you want!