Tesla Battery Swapping Event Los Angeles

Tesla Battery Swapping Event Los Angeles

Just got home from Teslas event at the design center to demonstrate the battery swapping capability of the Model S. Elon said that from the start the car was built to be able to swap out the battery. An incredible demonstration went off without a hitch. This incredible machine comes up from a mechanics bay under the car and completely unbolts, removes, replaces, and rebolts with a brand new battery in 90 seconds. Incredible! They showed the time for a fast gas pump to fill a car was 4 minutes. They did two Teslas in 3 minutes. It was really something to see. The model for it at Tesla stations would be "Fast or Free" meaning you can have your battery swapped out in a couple minutes and be back on your way with a full charge for about the same cost as filling up with a tank of gas or plug into a Supercharger for free and wait the 20 minutes or so it would take to charge your car. He keeps raising the bar.

jonesxander | June 21, 2013

Thanks Wooly (or Mark) but you can't link a pic that's sitting on your desktop silly!

Otherwise thanks for the update, as we are all waiting for the official video to post.

Must have been a sight to behold.

d.bijl | June 21, 2013

Nice! But what about the quality and age of the replacement battery? Strategy: always charge for free, but by the time your battery is become less efficient you go for a full exchange (hoping for a newer battery) for the price of a tank of fuel. Interesting...

Brian H | June 21, 2013

The price of a tank of fuel, PLUS a charge for the difference in battery size, condition, age etc. if you keep it.

diegoPasadena | June 21, 2013

Sooo many Model Ss!!! It was a sight to behold. I hope someone counted them. I don't know, but I'm guessing there were a coupe of hundred? My guess is that it was the largest gathering of Model S ever, since presumably even at the factory they'd ship them out before that many accumulated.
And, at the end, it was amazing to see Teslas as fas as the eye could see maneuvering around in front of the Tesla Design Center, and the only thing one could hear was the murmur of conversation from the people waiting for the valet to bring their car.

tobi_ger | June 21, 2013

Btw, YT user "Nicolas Zart" posted videos from the Q&A with Elon (which came after the demo); part 5 of the series starts with the questions: