Tesla Blog could link in the Tesla Youtube Channel

Tesla Blog could link in the Tesla Youtube Channel

I follow the Tesla Youtube channel channel and also the Blog on the site. Any thoughts on linking the youTube channel on the Blog site. So all info is available in one place.

Skotty | August 6, 2013

Speaking of the Blog, sure has been a long time since the last Blog post. There is usually at least 1 blog post per month, and I think that's true going all the way back to 2006. But this year, there hasn't been a blog post since April. Is there more going on at the youtube channel?

nikematic | August 6, 2013

yes thats the reason if you read blog posts, it seems nothing new has happened. But Youtube has few recent videos. e.g. :

ian | August 6, 2013

You do realize don't you that Tesla Motors had nothing to with the organization of TESLIVE other than having Elon and Jerome show up to talkand then hosting a reception?

The event was organized by the members of the website

Although that's not a reason they couldn't link it to their blog. ;-)