tesla cars with a no leather option for vegeterian/vegan

tesla cars with a no leather option for vegeterian/vegan

I don't know if that subject ever came up the in forum, I didn't saw it but sorry if it did.

I'm a vegeterian and as such, I would like to have the option to buy a Tesla with no leather, it's not possible at the moment, I think prospective Tesla buyer are often environmentally councious people and that group overlaps with the vegeterian/vegan crowd, I think it would be a good idea for Tesla to offer a "no leather" option on it's vehicules.

I would be thrilled to have the opinion of a Tesla representative on the subject.

that was my grain of salt, thanks for reading,
Jean-Pierre Guay
Québec, Canada

vperl | January 9, 2016

I asked for lettuce wrapped interior, and potato skin seats.

No word back,so far

bb0tin | January 12, 2016

I asked for mine to be wrapped by a child labourer. No word back, so far.
Your ethics are dubious to say the least, and are not compulsory for others.

dmeola | January 12, 2016

@Rocky_H- I'll post pictures of the non-leather steering wheel as soon as I get my car :-) Due Late Feb - March

From what I've read its identical to the leather wrapped steering wheel, but ironically is less smooth because it has bumps which are meant to imitate leather.

vperl | January 13, 2016

Avacado wrapped steering wheel, with granola texturing.

Green leaf door panels, must be Idaho potato skin seats.

The banana skin dash and seats will be available mid 2016, along with the rose petal headliner.

Brian H | January 13, 2016

And if you get peckish while driving ...