Tesla charging cable

Tesla charging cable

How is it possible for thousand of Teslas to be on the street and NO possibility of quick replacement power charging cord? Mine died 2 was ago and still waiting for ground shipping now 10 days later. No local source at Tesla service or sales locations. How is that even possible that an owner can not purchase a replacement charging cable with Immediate availability?‬

ens | December 6, 2018

While this is not based on specific knowledge, my take is that, since Tesla is currently in its biggest push ever to deliver vehicles before year end due to both quarter end and tax incentive decrease, Tesla simply doesn't have enough cable supply this month to handle both accessory sales and to include with each new vehicle delivery. It is delivering what, about 30K+ vehicles this month?

Bighorn | December 6, 2018

My new one was overnighted

grosenberg | December 6, 2018

Bighorn, how did you get overnight? I called tesla today and manager said they could only do ground transport to Maryland. Wouldn’t do air.

Bighorn | December 6, 2018

This was a couple years ago. They do what they can with their resources.

akikiki | December 6, 2018

grosenberg, what's your entire issue? Are you unable to charge? What about using Superchargers until you get another UMC? Have you looked on TMC for someone with one for sale in your area?
There's also connecting with someone near you and charge fully a couple of times at their house.

grosenberg | December 7, 2018

Charging cable malfunctioned and car towed to Tesla service center where the charging port and 12v battery was replaced. No cause was given to the failure. I told service center rep that cord no longer works and he said to order at Tesla shop. Done 10 days ago, still no cord, lost in shipping. I called tesla and was told NO option for expedited delivery, air freight, etc. only ground fedex. Extremely frustrated no local options for cable replacement, no option for expedited delivery. Very poor customer service to help dedicated tesla owners. Nearest supercharger 50 mi away, not a very good option.

murphyS90D | December 7, 2018

Any J1772 EVSE can be used to charge the car. I have three of them in my garage.
120 volt 12 amp for my Ford Fusion Energi (stays in the car's trunk).
240 volt 16 amp for my Fusion Energi (mounted on the wall).
240 volt 40 amp for my first Tesla S85 (mounted on the wall).

I also have a wall connector (240 volt 80 amp) mounted on the wall for my S90D.

Did you not consider that you might want to have a back up EVSE available.
There are no superchargers near me. The closest requires a 70 mile round trip.

You might not like the price but many Lowe's and Home Depot's sell J1772 EVSEs.

tes-s | December 7, 2018

New gen2 mobile connector bundle for pickup in CT or shipped anywhere via any means you want. Will ship today.

$325 plus actual shipping cost.

Came with our Model X that we picked up in September.

grosenberg | December 8, 2018

Thanks Murphy. Good ideas!