Tesla is finally on Amazon

Tesla is finally on Amazon

So far, just merchandise. But suspect cars will soon follow. | February 5, 2019

Actually they've been on Amazon for a couple of years. The difference is they now have a store which - seems to have disappeared in the last hour. The link above is no longer working. Maybe it will come back. I checked a few products and they are sold out, so perhaps they closed the store when it ran out of popular products.
Here's an Amazon TeslaMotors search link: which still shows some products. Really odd to have it disappear like this. | February 5, 2019

@reviewsmade - Another spammer.

EVRider | February 6, 2019

Even if the Amazon storefront only sells select items, hopefully if will shift some demand away from Tesla’s own online store, which seems to be having trouble fulfilling orders.

jordanrichard | February 6, 2019

When I read this news, I immediately suspected that this was an easy way to generate more revenue. Now fans of Tesla can buy Tesla swag, where as before you had to have a Tesla account. There is an absolutely HUGE profit in branded merchandise.

I once saw at a Nordstroms a section selling Ferrari clothing. More people can buy swag than the cars. | February 6, 2019

Another report of it being pulled:

I wonder if the store might not have actualy been Tesla, but someone acting like Tesla. That would explain the quick takedown. Items they had (mug, phone cases) could easily have been some knockoff products, which Tesla guards their name and logo usage very carefully to ensure their trademarks remain valid.

jordanrichard | February 6, 2019

If in fact it was not legitimately Tesla, then why did Amazon allow it to be on their platform?

babyjocko | February 8, 2019

It's back online