Tesla Future Advertising

Tesla Future Advertising

I am an administrator at a high school and today we had a fund raiser called Drive 4UR School. The local Ford dealer brought vehicles down and anyone in the community could test drive a vehicle. Every vehicle that was test driven resulted in $20 being donated to the school, from Ford. As I was driving I thought that this would be a cool way for Tesla to advertise, forget commercials how about positive public relations and contributing to better schools. I know Tesla isn't quite in the position to be donating money to schools, but I just thought it would be a cool way for them to begin advertising.

Brian H | April 19, 2013

Heh. At the same event as Ford (or whoever) -- a test-off. Ford would never participate again. :(

NKYTA | April 19, 2013

I think, perhaps like some on these forums, that at this point there is no need to advertise the Model S. The only time I'm _not_ telling somebody about my MS is when I'm at a Supercharger. Wink.

"I know Tesla isn't quite in the position to be donating money to schools"

Well, no, they are a public company trying to make their shareholders a profit. Doesn't hurt that they have a game changing product that flips the norms on auto-competition in our great country.
Wouldn't it be great if the school had solar roofs' powering what it could and the parents were quietly rolling up the drive to pick up their kids in their MS or MX's?

Don't mess with school zones in ANY car, BTW.

Oh, and Elon might help in making sure that this isn't the only ball we'll ever live on. Show your kids the stars!

@ Brian H
Agreed, but let's beat them where it hurts. Have the MS plugged into Mom's washer and run the race 20 times. The Ford (or whoever), has to leave the immediate area to go full up with gas. :-)