Tesla going to make me lose my job!

Tesla going to make me lose my job!

Has anyone else had an issue with doing absolutely nothing else besides checking their email looking for an update on the status of their order? Ever since I ordered my MS I am finding it impossible to focus at work! This is truly an obsession.

Does this feeling go away once I actually get the car? Cause I really need to keep my job in order to afford it :)


Anonymous | September 10, 2013

It gets better, but it's still an obsession! I've checked out the forums probably 3 times today and it's only 7:50am (I start working around 6am).

btw: I've had my ms85 for about 5 weeks.

Rheumboy | September 10, 2013

Yes, you will loss your job. You see you've already gone to the next step, the forums and haven't even got your car yet. You will check the forum 8 to 10 times an hour. It's madding. You will loss your wife and kids, friends, golf's never ending. I'm thinking Oscar starting the first FA group. I admit I'm powerless and have no control over my life anymore. Some one please help me.

Rheumboy | September 10, 2013

Of starting not oscar

J.T. | September 10, 2013

had my car since June 17th and I overheard my wife tell my daughter that "Daddy and I had a conversation and he didn't mention his car once."

So, there's that.

stewart.horner | September 10, 2013

Brilliant. I too havent even placed my order yet and am obsessed beyond belief. its ridiculous. Is ther a youtube Tesla clip you havent watched ???

cloroxbb | September 10, 2013

Without much new news, these forums are getting just a little boring since there really isn't anything new to talk or debate about at the moment.

I am currently in the process of getting my Motorcycle license right now, so I am excited about that (and I plan on getting a Zero DS).

amish.bhatia | September 10, 2013

just found the perfect distraction. Asphalt8 for iOS within which I just bought the tesla model s and am enjoying racing while i wait for my car to get here.

and I'm also obsessed....girlfriend gets the worst of it (tesla tesla tesla)

mrrjm | September 10, 2013

I haven't said much at home. My wife didn't say yes but didn't say no. So I ordered it anyways. I think she knows though.

Atlantian | September 10, 2013

I have the same problem since confirming my S85 order last week. I keep checking at least once an hour to see if a VIN has been issued or any change to status. This is crazy... I can't stop thinking about the car. I'm trying to contain my excitement with my family but that is very hard. I could talk about the car all day!

pdx4s | September 10, 2013

"Does this feeling go away once I actually get the car? Cause I really need to keep my job in order to afford it :)"

- yes it does, to some extent, but folks need to learn to control it, life goes one, maybe in a more exiting way, even after owning one. Got my P85 92hrs ago.

AmpedRealtor | September 10, 2013

Count me in. I'm self employed and found myself utterly dysfunctional while waiting for the car. Now that I have the car, I am working twice as hard! lol... consider it a motivational treat! :)

NYC Realtor | September 10, 2013

It doesn't go away once you get the car, it gets worse!

Not only will you look at these forums, the news and the you tube clips, you will have to add; looking at your Tesla smartphone app and answering emails from friends who want to ask about your car. You will proudly answer with pictures of yourself and the car. And you will spend 10 min a day talking to neighbors coming over to talk about the car if they see you parking outside.

My wife calls Tess my new mistress, but she is clearly happier with it than a human version :-)

notice | September 10, 2013

I run a small international technology product business - waiting for the S was my least productive period for years. Now I've had the S for one week today, and I'm still kind of useless. My capable staff has kept things running smoothly but for how long? Fortunately I'm off to the UK on business for several days and can't bring the S with me, so maybe I'll be able to get some work done. Or maybe I'll be checking the app every 5 minutes to make sure the car is still happy at the airport. Or maybe I'll be surfing the forums from my iPhone to make sure I didn't miss any good information or opportunities to share my experiences. Maybe I'll get over this psychosis soon. Or maybe I won't. It's kind of crazy, isn't it? Maybe I should get some help from professionals... Good luck to us all! At least we have each other :)

J.T. | September 10, 2013

@Amped Don't know if I missed a post from you but what's the reaction of your clients?

michael1800 | September 10, 2013

After getting the car, my productivity went back up to normal levels. I spend less time reading the forums, stress less about checking for updates, etc. The mysterious attraction to the forum doesn't go away, it's just less pressing and less often :)

vipdoc | September 10, 2013

Whenever my 6 year old son came by to see what I was doing on the laptop he would realize I was reading about Tesla. Every time he then would say "Why are you so obsessed with Tesla"
My waiting period after confirming just happened to fall on a 2.5 week vacation that I planned on taking. This did help with the anticipation. Actually I am still on vacation (and I am still on the forums!!) . My DS informed me that I would be able to pick up my car this Sunday after coming back. What a way to end vacation!

bradslee | September 10, 2013

Wow, first the endless Tesla grinning, then addictive Tesla talks and checking Tesla iPhone app, now compulsive checking order status. I am sure that soon there will be a very desirable new profession out on the market or on our beloved Tesla Forums--Tesla psychotherapist--available for our Tesla psychosis.

BG121 | September 10, 2013

+10000 OP!

Tâm | September 10, 2013

Come on!

Hold it! Holllllld it!

Let me get my crystal ball out!

Ah Hah! Here it is!

Yes!!!!! Yes!

Admit it!!!!

Don't be shy now:

You are YOUNG,

And you are RICH!

So really, do you need a job?

Get a life and drive your Tesla!

kent | September 10, 2013

You are in the early stages of Tesla psychosis. It begins when you order the car. The wait for delivery gives you time to read every post since the forum began. My wait was 1 year and 10 months for my Signature beauty. Next you ask you kids if they need to go anywhere at all times. You go to the grocery located 1 mile away via the Interstate driving 15 miles out of the way. During this phase you learn about Tesla as a stock TSLA. You earn money by reading posts and knowing that Tesla is not a fad. You invest more time investing money. For me the next stages are the most critical. Next, I developed a TSLA trading habit. You pay off your loan for the Tesla in 5 months. You have an in ground pool installed. You order a CPO Roadster and still have money left from your trading.

Wow, did I tell you it was my 50th birthday this year and I can't wait to see what 51 has to bring.

Tesla is a way of life. Once you've caught the bug, you will read the forum, drive the car and swim in the pool provided by Tesla. I can't wait to drive the Roadster provided by them once the CPO service is complete.

Yes, I'm a Tesla fan!

Brian H | September 11, 2013

The Teslatherapist would be unable to help. Teslapsychotics do not want to change, no matter how much they natter about wasting time! In reality, there is no other way they'd rather spend it, and so they refuse all help. Intervention is likely to result in violence.

They will end their lives trying to figure how to take it with them. Ritual burial in the car is likely to be specified in Final Wills and Testaments. They will even begin them with a lie: "Being of sound mind ..."

bradslee | September 11, 2013


Thank you for telling us the useless of Teslatherapist for Teslapsychotics.

But I think that the Tesla owner community should not only reward you with the Tesla Forums grammar police chief title but also the chief Teslatherapist title regardless whether you say that Teslatherapist is useless for Teslapsychotics. For the contribution you have made to Tesla Forums, you deserve it.

EVMD | September 12, 2013

Yeah I've have an addiction with this forum and inside EV

bareyb | September 12, 2013

I hear you brother. I'm acting like a kid waiting for Santa... It's driving me nuts. :D