Tesla has one of the worst customer service

Tesla has one of the worst customer service


1 year back, because of Tesla's error of surcharges, I've been offered a free tire + labor by a Tesla customer service personal. Now, when I schedule Service with Santa Clara, CA service center, they do not honor it at all! Saying there's no such record in their system; even with the email proof that was sent by a Tesla customer service personal of the same location, which clearly stated the free tire + labor!

Anyone knows a way to escalate the issue to higher management team?

This is not the first time, and I completely lost confidence in the Tesla service. They have good products, for now, but the service is absolutely one of the worst I've experienced so far!


Neomaxizoomdweebie | May 6, 2020

Wow, I’ve had nothing but phenomenal service from Tesla. I think you are an outlier. Sorry for your rough experience. Try calling their 1-900 number for enhanced support with that tire thing.

SebastianH | May 7, 2020

I have huge problems in germany with the Dusseldorf Service Center.
On march 18 2020 (less then 2 month ago) I got my Model 3 LR with FSD at Neuss, Germany with several problems regarding height-control of drivers sear, multiple paint and dent issues, scratches at the chrome near the rear window, vibration and hammering noise while breaking at 140+ kph (90mph+), noises when rolling at low speed with turned steering wheel, whistling wind noise at 180kph (120mph) and so on.....

I had my first appointment at Dusseldorf Service Center:
- I have to live with chrome scratches, they dont want to fix
- Paint/Dent issues -> they cant repair, i should contact a local body shop
- Driver seat height control: Yep, broken, but they don't have a replacement on time! (It's stuck at highest position)
- They took a test drive (1km, 0.7 miles, max 40 mph allowed) where they (of course) could not detect break and wind issue

For this test drive (0.7 miles!) I had to pay 48€!

Since monday, I try to reach an Tesla employee who can help me - with no luck, I already wrote a mail to munich_sales and EUpress with no luck....

Bad situation, and i dont feel like a valued customer.

Any hints?

Best regards from germany, and stay healthy!


mail.dendy13 | May 7, 2020


mail.dendy13 | May 7, 2020

mail.dendy13 | May 7, 2020

FISHEV | May 7, 2020

@SebastianH “Any hints?“

Get an Audi Q4 e-Tron? Ford Mach-Es look good. I have a deposit on one of them. Dealerships you can go to and more car people than Tesla

Orthopod | May 8, 2020


I have a high pitch wind noise coming from the upper right windshield at high speed too.

When the mobile Tesla ranger came to fix a panel gap problem of the trunk that caused it to rub on the rear bumper, he unglued the seal from the wiper all the way to the A Pilar and put it back in place.

We went for a 15 min test drive and the problem was gone.

All free of charge.

I would recommend trying this for noise issue

fazman | May 23, 2020

I have had nothing but issues with the Monterey, CA Service Center for Tesla. I try to avoid them as much as possible. However their mobile tech guy was really cool and did a great job the two times he came out to help fix stuff on my car (both issues the Monterey Service Center either rejected or screwed up).

As with most things in life, YMMV.