Tesla launches new ‘Enhanced Anti-theft’ (Intrusion Detection) sensor as aftermarket product

Tesla launches new ‘Enhanced Anti-theft’ (Intrusion Detection) sensor as aftermarket product

Tesla after market/after sale Security add on for S's built after 16 Sep '15 and all X's

Price including installation at SC is $350

(Bargain for increased security)

Alan75DUK | November 14, 2018

How will this protect from theft if a thief has gained entry to the car using a 'relay attack'? If the car thinks that a valid key fob is in use as result of this type of attack, then surely this device offers no protection. Having said that, anything that improves vehicle security must be good. But to defend against 'relay attack' it appears to me that replacement fobs is the way forward beyond using a Faraday pouch.

jerrykham | November 14, 2018

@Alan75DUK - I was a bit worried about that from the other direction. I just had my car tell me the other day that the key fob was no longer in the car and the car was not going to start if I put it in park. (Message on the instrument cluster). The only problem was that the fob was in my pocket where it always is. The message went away fairly quickly, and the car was fine. But if I had this new product installed - would the alarm have blared at me while I was happily driving? The description on the Tesla site is so unclear and lacking in any detail that it became completely non-purchasable. It may be the greatest thing ever, but if they can't bother to tell you what it does or how it works or how to use it - then no sale.

etigro | November 14, 2018

Am I missing something ? Do we not already have an alarm in the S (75D HW 2.5) ? It sends notification to the phone App and can be turned off in settings somewhere.

ak | November 14, 2018

That wouldn't have stopped them stealing my car. I don't get what this adds.

bp | November 14, 2018

This would detect if someone was able to gain entry without a key fob or attempted to tow the vehicle without the key fob present.

Doesn't appear to address the attacks if someone is able to replicate the key fob.

Tesla should have data on this. What percentage of vehicles have had issues where the new interior sensor would have helped? What percentage of vehicles have been accessed by replicated key fobs - which this sensor would not appear to detect?

ILoveMyModel3 | November 14, 2018

Wouldn't the new Pin-to-Drive feature resolve the relay attack issue?

Silver2K | November 14, 2018

No where does it say this system is for relay thefts. I believe this system is for the cabin and tow there.

There have been break-ins through the small window behind the passenger door that did not trigger the alarm. Th cabin sensor in this product will resolve that issue

Silver2K | November 14, 2018


Roger1 | November 14, 2018

The basis of the relay attack seems to be the 'Passive Entry' function. When you walk up to the car, the doors open because the fob continuously transmits a signal that the car interprets as authority to present handles and unlock. Of course, you have to be close enough to the car for it to receive the low power signal. The relay attack captures the signal from the fob then relays it to a second device that re-transmits it near the car causing the doors to open. The car is ready to drive away unless you enable the PIN function.

I decided that clicking the fob was not a big inconvenience and disabled the passive entry. I also turned on the PIN. One thing about the PIN, from time to time you might get a message on the main screen that requires you to double click the fob just like you do to open the car. I can't remember the message but I think it wanted a password or something similar. I have experienced this situation when sitting in the car for an extended period, say greater than 5 minutes.

Nexxus | November 15, 2018

The solution to the passive entry problem is to do what I do. I put the fob inside an empty altoids box each night. The metal box attenuates the fob signal to where it can't be picked up outside the house/apartment.

The new sensor they're offering is to resolve the small triangular window breakins that have been occurring.

bernhard | November 15, 2018

You do know that they can clone your key remotely (few meters distance), in a few seconds? And then they have a key. Unless you pin-to-drive enabled, they will steal your car. This is more advanced than the delay attack. This requires the new key Tesla has, one with better encryption.

lilbean | November 15, 2018

Let me guess... it will be free for new vehicles.

Silver2K | November 15, 2018

Calm down, bean!


This is what a cop told my wife after a major accident at the church entrance kept us from voting for an hr. My wife yells "you can't stop us from voting, it is our right!!" right in the cop's face! I started laughing after the cop said "LET'S NOT START THAT!" and drove away.

lilbean | November 15, 2018


lilbean | November 15, 2018

Someone had to start the pre-whine whining.

jamesguan117 | November 15, 2018

Why would it be an issue if it’s free to new owners or not. If it isn’t, great, that’s revenue. If it is, then it makes sense because they can do it free from the factory...

np | December 4, 2018

I ordered this when it was first released. I tried checking the order status this week and got a bunch of run around and no answers. I'm also not seeing it offered in the online store any more. This bait and hook kickstarter model is getting old fast Tesla.

Silver2K | December 5, 2018

Lol "bait and hook".

np | December 5, 2018

Amazing todays it's back in the online store

RatherBeBoarding | December 5, 2018

Not sure why you did not see it online yesterday, I went and checked after seeing your post last night and it was still listed, just that 2 colors are sold out now. They ship to service center you selected, did you call your service center to check? Some other people got it 3 days after they ordered it, I got mine late because the service center I selected did not text or call me, I sent an escalation email and I was contacted the next day for installation appointment. | December 5, 2018

For anyone that has the module installed, do you see any visible difference to the headliner? It seems odd that it needs to be color matched to the headliner. I'm thinking the microphone panel might be replaced as part of the change - which would require a color match.

np | December 5, 2018

I called the service center and I sent an email. The service center hasn't seen any orders for that part come in and no one responded to my email.

RatherBeBoarding | December 5, 2018

Try sending another email but select escalation, I have always gotten response the next day. I did not even have to provide my order number since they have your VIN when you place your order.

b.tesla | December 5, 2018

I ordered this a few weeks ago, and I'm still waiting. I emailed Tesla Texas support asking about it, and they told me that I should inquire with OnlineOrders at Tesla. I did, and OnlineOrders has not replied after a couple of days. could really use some order tracking system so we could see the status without having to bug anybody.

RatherBeBoarding | December 10, 2018

Finally got my car back after leaving it at the service center for 4 days, I guess success for Tesla means pain for us, they should start expanding service center capacity. The new grill looks just like the EU version with the 2 exposed mic facing towards the back of the car, overall size of the grill seems the same though. It is black so matching the color of my headliner, I guess it will be different color for the brown or beige headliner. If you do it, check to make sure they put on the warning decals, someone kept the decals and did not put them on my car. I would not be surprised if decals start showing up on eBay.

b.tesla | December 10, 2018

Almost 4 weeks, and no communication other than a credit card charge and an automated order confirmation email.

Damn, @RatherBeBoarding, it took 4 days at the service center? Were they doing some kind of service other than installing this?

RatherBeBoarding | December 10, 2018

No, they booked me the earliest appointment available but when I showed up, they told me they are very backed up, the success of model 3 has something to do with this but I am glad for Tesla, wish they can give a better estimate so I don't have to bring my car in just to be sitting in the parking lot for 3 days. I heard they would come to your house to do this, wish I knew and scheduled that instead. I have other cars at home and they also gave me a loaner, but it is just silly and waste of their money. Did you try to send an escalation email, in my case, they are very responsive after that.

reed_lewis | December 11, 2018

I ordered it a few days ago Lets see how long they take to get it to Dedham, MA.

reed_lewis | December 11, 2018

...And this security system is much like many others I have had. It senses noise in the car, and movement of the car. I just hope that there is a way to disable it for transport of the car on a ship, train, etc. I had this technology in my Volvo and Saab, and it does work well.

milesbb | December 11, 2018

Travel by Ferry from time to time in the Seattle area. Had an Audi A4. The motion detector on the A4 goes off from the wave action while parked on the Ferry Deck. Got paged several time to come reset the alarm. Someone needs to test this device to see if this is Ferry compatible. | December 11, 2018

I wonder if it is furry compatible - pets in the car? I suspect not. | December 11, 2018

Thinking more about it, if I leave my mountain lion in the car, I doubt the car will be broken into. No need for the extra alarm! Problem solved :)

Yodrak. | December 11, 2018

"if I leave my mountain lion in the car, I doubt the car will be broken into. No need for the extra alarm! Problem solved :)"

Might need frequent visits to the reupholstery shop.

RatherBeBoarding | December 11, 2018

For anticipated motion like ferry or ocean transport you can simply disable the alarm from the console.

akikiki | December 11, 2018

TT, how bout putting your cat in the back and folding the seats up. Then park in that Bay area parking lot where Teslas are broken often. Oh yeah, please setup a dash cam pointing at your car. Gotta see this.

b.tesla | January 12, 2019

It looks like it is possible to order in all headliner colors. I don't want to say "in stock" because I'm still waiting on a dark headliner order from 11/15/2018. No reply from onlineorders at Tesla after trying to get in touch with them 4 times. As I was approaching 60 days and being completely ignored, I had to initiate a dispute with my credit card company just as a cover-my-ass procedure. The next day, I got an email from TexasMobileService at Tesla saying that they hadn't forgotten about me, but they are still waiting on the part with an estimate of 7-10 days. We'll see. | January 12, 2019

@akikiki - I wish :)

RedShift | January 12, 2019

Time to buy a pet alligator. What are they, like 100 bucks?

RedShift | January 12, 2019

Oh, I found something cheaper:

Only 45 bucks. Keep on top of back seat shelf, covered in some blanket or such.

barrykmd | January 12, 2019

I don't understand the anti-theft device. A thief isn't going to know it's there. Once the window is broken, it's broken and the device won't prevent that.

RedShift | January 12, 2019

So BMW has a similar system as this enhanced stuff for a long time in their cars. There it works with an ultrasonic sensor located at the top middle of the car so let’s can move about. (IIRC)

It had a small red dome protruding from the inside mirror assembly that used to peridodiacally blink a red LED to let would be thieves know its armed.

If there is no such thing here, most thieves wouldn’t know, and most wouldn’t care once its been tripped. By then it’s largely academic anyway.

RedShift | January 12, 2019

Not let’s can move about, * pets can move about.

rxlawdude | January 12, 2019

@RedShift, had that exact alligator in our koi pond. Heron laughed and dined. :-(

Yodrak. | January 12, 2019

"I don't understand the anti-theft device. A thief isn't going to know it's there. Once the window is broken, it's broken and the device won't prevent that."

My thought also.

NKYTA | January 12, 2019

Wait one. It is suggested as anti-theft.
Not anti-don’t-break-my-little-window-and-steal-my-car-or-things-in-it.

@barrykmd, you aren’t in major cities in CA.

Patent the device that stops thieves from breaking any glass in any car and you’ll make a million.

I’ll take my 10%.

barrykmd | January 13, 2019

NKYTA - Simple. The contactors energize the 400V battery's connection to the car body 60 seconds after being placed in park. :-) | January 13, 2019

@Yodrak. "I don't understand the anti-theft device. A thief isn't going to know it's there."

1) It's an intrusion detector, not anti-theft (a subtle difference).
2) As part of the installation, there are additional stickers that are added to the windows (I haven't seen one yet) that may reduce some thieves from attempting a break in.
3) The alarm will sound if the glass is broken. So it might help being an anti-theft, once the glass is broken if it scares the thief away. Less clear is if thieves care if the alarm sounds.
4) At least you'll get notification on your cell phone of the breakin, where without the intrusion detector you'll not know until you return to your car.

bill | January 13, 2019

Put a sign on the windows saying:

Warning, breaking glass releases cyanide gas!

Yodrak. | January 13, 2019

"It's an intrusion detector, not anti-theft (a subtle difference)."

I still agree with barrykmd, I don't see any value to it. You've still got a broken window that's expensive to replace.

rxlawdude | January 13, 2019

@Barry, I'm shocked - shocked at you suggestion!